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1285 Muscle and Elevate GF Reviews:The Truth Exposed!

testosterone-booster-sidebarMuscle building is simple: you must perform regular strength training and cardiovascular exercises while adopting healthy eating habit. It sounds easy, but it’s actually a a lot of hard work! Alas, most men lack determination and they are always looking for short-cuts. This the reason why you keep seeing ads of supplements that promise miracles. All you need to do is take the pills as instructed, and voila! You will be ripped very quickly! The combination of the day is1285 Muscle and Elevate GF. According to the claims, the combo can help you to build lean muscle and increase your strength easily and quickly. No where on the website did they mention you need to exercise or eat healthily. But wait! There’s a little fine print that said “the results on all products are not typical and not everyone will experience these results”.


So the question is: do 1285 Muscle and Elevate GF really work? Read on as we exposed the truth behind these combo.

1285 Muscle: it is marketed as pre-workout nitric oxide(NO) booster. Few studies suggest that NO gas may help to boost blood flow, help muscle to work harder and heal faster. However, a study published by the Los Angeles Times suggests that there’s very little benefit with NO supplementation. In addition, most NO supplements on the market are not proven to be effective. Most products (including 1285 Muscle) lack clinical data to back up the advertising claims.

Elevate GF: it’s said to be the top selling growth supplement. According to the claims, Elevate can help to improve natural growth, enhance mood and well-being, and improve self-confidence. There’s very little information about the product. The official website did not explain exactly how this product work, though I have the impression that Elevate GF is a Hgh supplement. Note that there’s little evidence to suggest HGH supplement can help benefit healthy adults. Again, there’s no proof that the claims made by Elevate GF are true.

Note: Both 1285 Muscle and Elevate GF do not publish the ingredients labels on their website. There’s no way to find out the exact amount of individual ingredients inside each serving of the pill. Do these products contain sufficient contain active ingredients that can benefit you? Who knows?

In addition, I tried to search for information on companies behind Elevate GF and 1285 Muscle. The official website of 1285 Muscle is registered by Distribution LTD, DC Direct in London. The registrar’s information of Elevate GF is set to be private. Hmm… is the company trying to hide something from the potential customers? As you can see, there’s very little information about the two companies. I can’t find out if 1285 Muscle and Elevate GF are manufactured by professionals in medical and nutrition field.

Beware of free trial scams! 1285 Muscle offers 14 day trial for $5.99 shipping. Elevate GF offers similar offers, and the shopping cost is only $4.95. However, if you don’t cancel after 14 days, you will be charged $89.99 repeatedly. Most people completely overlook the small fine print on order page. I found several complaints on 1285 Muscle and Elevate GF on various consumer websites. Apparently, it’s not easy to cancel the autoship program and to get refund.

More red flag? As I land on the order page of 1285 Muscle, I saw logos of security and trust seal underneath the order form. However, the seals are not clickable! So contrary to what they want you to believe, the legitimacy of this website has not been verified through 3rd-party database.

Final note: 1285 Muscle and Elevate GF are not products I can recommend with peace of mind. Save your money! Check out our recommended body building and testosterone booster

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  • Gert Louw November 28, 2013, 7:12 am

    Be wary people this is a FAKE product that does NOT work – 1285 MUSCLE.
    Let me explain how they are busted:
    The company promoting this product stole my photos (see my pic at bottom of advert: http://www.dailynutritionmag.com/guide/) and they write up a fake story as if I told it.
    They have to steal photos and write fake stories to try and prove a unprovable point – that this product does not work.
    The truth is I did my transformation with an intense program over a 4 year period and NOT 4 weeks! If you want to know how I did it without this product: http://gertlouw.wordpress.com/my-transformation-program/
    I am ready to sue these people…Any attorney out there that want to make some money…PLEASE contact me!
    Gert Louw

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