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Alpha Male XL Testosterone Booster Reviews

Sold primarily on Amazon, Alpha Male XL is touted as testosterone booster and stamina booster. According to the sales pitch, this product can “boost natural testosterone production, reduce excess body fat, and promote lean muscle growth.” Whats more, you can expect to gain 2+ inches in 60 days! Although, the advertiser is pretty vague with the claims. 2 inches growth of what? The Johnson? Boob size? They don’t bother to explain!

So the question is: should you invest in Alpha Male XL?

Maybe not..

To explain further, let’s take a look of the ingredients of Alpha Male XL. What does it contain?

#1. Maca: a native plant in Peru. Its root is used to make medicine. It may be useful for stamina, memory, fertility, menstrual problem, enhancing energy, chronic fatigue syndrome etc. Maca is often marketed as sexual enhancer, but evidence of aphrodisiac properties is lacking (source).

#2. Yohimbe: it’s a tree native to western Africa. In traditional remedy, Yohimbe is used to treat fatigue, high blood pressure and heat problems. However, Yohimbe is an unproven treatment and the standard dose has not be established. As well, Yohimbe can results in unpleasant side effects including flushing, rash, heart problem, severe low blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia etc. Do not use Yohimbe supplement without doctor’s supervision. (source)

#3. L-arginine: a natural amino acid, it can help to increase your body’s production of nitric oxide. It may have some benefit on muscle growth. Although, you should keep in mind that you can gain 2 lbs of muscle per month on average.

As you can see, Alpha Male XL does contain few useful ingredients, but it’s hardly a magic bullet. The formula is generic at best. Besides, you will want to consider these issues:

#1. There’s no clinical evidence to support the claims made for Alpha Male XL.

#2. Apparently, Alpha Male XL is made by the same company behind Boostultimate (penis enlargement pills). They said that the latter can increase your size up to inches in just few months! It says a lot about the credibility of the company.

So here’s the bottom line: I don’t recommend this product. If you have tried Alpha Male XL, please share with us your experience! Just in case you are wondering, I fail to see how this product can increase the size of your manhood!

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