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Alphamale 2X Male Enlargement Pills Review: Busted!

After checking out Alphamale 2X male enlargement pills, I couldn’t help but write a quick post about this product to warn you guys. This product is one of the hottest selling supplements on Amazon. You can expect to add 3-4 inches in length and up to 2 inches in girth in penis size. The good news is: the result is fast and permanent!

What a bunch of nonsense.

On this website, I’ve talked numerous times how penis enlargement pills do not work. The truth is: there’s no scientific proof of any non-surgical method that permanently alter the size of a normal and healthy penis. Most claims of permanent enlargement are due to placebo effect. It’s what happens when someone that a supplement that he or she perceives will help, although it actually has no proven therapeutic effect.

If Alphamale 2x is truly an effective enlargement supplement, it would be making headlines. Everyone and his dog will be talking about it! But they don’t, because Alphamale 2x isn’t a breakthrough, contrary to what its maker wants you to believe!

To be fair, Alphamale 2X does contain beneficial ingredients, but there’s no clinical studies to back up the outrageous claims. It’s uncertain if the product has been tested for long term safety and side effects. In USA, supplements are mainly unregulated, without proof of effectiveness and safety needed to market a supplement.
In short, stay away from Alphamale 2x. The only thing this sucker will maker bigger is the bank account of its company.

Remember: it’s not size of the ship, but the motion in the ocean. You don’t need a supersize to satisfy your partner! As long as she can feel it in there, you are all good. If you hung like horse, it’s going to cause discomfort and make her cervix angry! What’s more, the most erogenous zone of women is near to the vaginal opening. So, improve your technique. Get proper and proven supplementation to enhance your erections.

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  • Jacques May 18, 2017, 9:23 pm

    I’ve ordered alpha male and I think pro something on your website , the sample combo .. ordered it 14/04/2017 and paid and I am still waiting for it….it’s unacceptable and poor poor service … you are stealing my money…pay my money back .. I think it’s a bad product that’s way you didn’t send it and just took my money…did you took only my money or other peoples money also ??? Want money back or another sample extra..

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