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Andractim DHT Gel Reviews: The Penis Enlargement Fallacy

testosterone-booster-sidebarThe other day I was lurking around a male forum, and found that the hottest discussion is centered around the DHT gel called “Andractim”. From what I read, Andractim DHT gel is the new product that can work to increase your penis size. Some members claim to achieve noticeable gain within weeks. And, the gel should be used in conjunction with consistent penis exercise routine. Now the big question is: can Andractim DHT gel make you bigger?


Now let’s get something straight: no topical product or supplement in this world will make your penis bigger! Some people will tell you that they have great success with Andractim, but I am willing to bet that the result is caused by placebo effect. Or, they committed in good exercise program.

So what is DHT? Also known as Dihydrotestosterone, it’s a male sex hormone. It plays important role in hair loss, hair growth, and acne. According to Dr. Ray Sahelian, DHT is important for physical changes that appear during male sexual maturation, sex drive, and erection capabilities in men.

In a study conducted by Harvard Medical School, DHT may help to increase frequency of orgasms in young men.

Don’t get too excited yet!

Studies show that DHT is one of the culprit for male hair loss. That’s right: DHT can result in baldness! In addition, some medical evidence suggest that high level of DHT may enlarge prostate gland, thus resulting in prostate cancer.

To date, there’s no clinical proof to validate the effectiveness of DHT gel as penis enlargement formula.

The Side effects of DHT Gel: if you experience any discomfort or side effects with Andractim DHT gel, consult your doctors immediately.

Below is the list of potential side effects of DHT Gel: Acne, mood swing, sleep problems, hair loss, headache, skin irritations.

Be careful of the Andractim DHT Gel Scam!
Andractim DHT Gel is a prescription medicine. Please don’t purchase the gel from online pharmacy or any website without assistance from your doctors! Many Andractim DHT Gel from online stores are counterfeit products with bogus medication. They can be life-threatening and result in adverse side effects. Don’t be cheap and risk your health! If you think you need the DHT gel, please talk to your doctors for assessment and evaluation.

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  • Markus September 9, 2013, 8:24 pm

    I take dht gel for a long time and i have my penis the same size , it doesen’t work , don’t purchase absolutely, not worked for my experience.

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