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Andropenis Extender Reviews and Analysis

2girlsAndropenis extender is allegedly a medical male enhancement device for penis enlargement. According to the advertising claim, it’s recommended by urologists with success rate of 97%. What’s more, Andropenis has been proven in clinical study! Priced at $277, it’s certainly not cheap, but way affordable as compared to surgical method. Your penis doesn’t need to go under the knife, just Andropenis for hours a day and get hung.

Sounds great, right?

Well, it sounds a little too good to be true. Like other penis extender, Andropenis program involves placing a traction device on the flaccid penis to stretch it. Theoretically, when your penis shalf is subjected to consistent stretching, tiny tears will form in the tissues, and bigger tissues are formed. By enlarging the tissues times, the penis size grows overtime. Based on one small study published in 2009, Andropenis could result in natural gain (see link).

Now if you examine the study carefully, you will notice that the sample size is quite small (tested on 15 patients). Also, it requires serious commitment: the patients were asked to wear Andropenis for 4hours/day for 6 months! I find that the study is not of high quality. The company behind Andropenis needs more rigorous research to access the long term effectiveness and safety of Andropenis.

In spite of insufficient evidence, Andropenis has received good reviews in male enhancement community. Although the results are largely anecdotal, the device seems to work for some men. The thing is: according to the users manual, you are required to wear the device for 8-9 hours a day to ensure your growth! Hmm… I wonder who has time for that? Not to mention, it’s difficult to hide under your trouser. It may also make your groinal area uncomfortable.

The bottom line? Andropenis may have some impact, but I find it to be impractical. Ask yourself this: is your are really small, or you are merely feeling inadequate?

If you insist to experiment with Andropenis, make sure you do it with supervision of doctor.

For the rest of you, learn what it really takes to satisfy a woman in bed!

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