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Arize Male Enhancement and Testosterone Booster Reviews

Arize is said to be the #1 rated male enhancement and testosterone booster. Of course, where does the score come from, or who rated it as such, is not explained.

And it’s not the only “wow factor”. Arize, according to its official website at arize.net, is a “natural solution to sexual dysfunction for men and women”. What’s more, the product contains herbs to “channel maximum blood flow to the penis and enhance libido simultaneously”.

Hmm.. these statements may get the makers of Arize in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission. By claiming Arize to be solution to sexual dysfunction, they are essentially making a drug claim. The claim, however, must be taken with grain of salt.

To explain further, let’s take a closer look at Arize. What’s in it?

#1.Ginkgo Biloba: it may increase blood flow to lower body, but there’s no evidence of effectiveness for erectile dysfunction.

#2. Ginseng: a study shows it improved sexual function in men with erectile dysfunction. A common side effect of Ginseng may be insomnia.

#3. Muira Puama: it’s traditionally used as nerve tonic and sexual enhancer. In a recent study, Muira Puama demonstrates positive results in erectile function. More quality human trials and sexuality trials are necessary to validate its effectiveness.

#4. Tongkat Ali: a flowering plant native to Malaysia and Singapore. In a study on male rats, it was found that it may increase sperm count and boost testosterone. According to WebMD, more evidence is needed to rate Tongkat Ali for erection problems.

As you can see, Arize does contain useful ingredients that may benefit your sexual health. However, it’s far from being a solution for erectile dysfunction. I am not sure how the ingredients can work to “increase blood flow to penis”. There’s no clinical papers to support the claims either.

What do the users say?
Arize has a rating of 4.5 on Amazon, out of 44 reviews. Most users appear to be satisfied with the products. Few complained lack of effectiveness. Again, you should take their words with healthy dose of skepticism. Most of the reviews are quite new, and you can never be sure of the long term side effects.

Bottom line: Arize appears to be a decent male enhancement supplement, though I don’t think it’s an effective solution for erectile dysfunction. If you have the problem it’s best to speak to your doctor!

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