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Bellaplex and Hydroxatone Reviews: Buyer Aware!

You may have come across online ads for Bellaplex and Hydroxatone. The combo promises to preserve your look stave off wrinkles. Best of all, the risk free trial is available (for limited time only, as usual) and you only have to pay small shipping fees. So, is it the answer to fountain of youth? Can it be better than botox? Read on to find out the shocking truth!

According to the advertising claims, Hydroxatone can help you to “instantly look younger in just 90 seconds” with “advanced wrinkle reduction for dramatic clinically proven results!”. And, Bellaplex is “age-defying moisturizer”. The featured ingredient for both products is called Matrixyl 300. The term “Matrixyl” is all the rage since researchers at Reading University found that product with Matrixyl can work – by doubling the amount of collagen in skin. However, don’t let the hype confuses you. Matrixyl 300 is not the same with Matrixyl. Smartskincare.com, an independent research site for skin care, stated:

“Matrixyl 3000 and “classic” Matrixyl are chemically dissimilar except that both are based on peptides.”

Here’s the thing: Matrixyl 300 is not proven effective as anti-aging agent by independent clinical studies. Besides, the official website of Hydroxatone said that the product is “clinically proven”, but there’s no supportive evidence to back up the claims. Similarly, Bellaplex is not tested by independent third party.

So… the combo is certainly not the cosmetic holy grail. If you still feel compelled to try Hydroxatone and Bellaplex, you can buy it online, or in Utah and Macy’s. Be wary of the free trials offer, though. To date, there are 247 complaints on Consumer Affairs, and 203 complaints on Scambook about “free trials” of Hydroxatone and Bellaplex. Almost all the complaints were about difficult cancellation process and bad customer services.

Other concerns: both Hydraxatone and Bellaplex are said to be publicized on few major news sites. The mention is totally meaningless, as anyone can advertise on these sites and claim to have been “seen on” or “publicized” by them.

So what’s the bottom line? When a anti-aging company screams “free trial, give us your credit care”, it’s usually a scam. What’s more, the Hydraxatone and Bellaplex formulation is hardly groundbreaking. In my opinion, you’d probably be better off with a sensible lifestyle (quality sleep, healthy diet and regularly exercise) and top-notch HGH supplementation.

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