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Biomanix Reviews and Side Effects: Avoid this!

Are you looking for a classical example of snake oil? Look no further than Biomanix penis enlargement pills.

Certainly, the official website of Biomanix looks professional. It’s riddled with scientific jargon and alluring promises. It’s said to be “clinically proven” and “inspired by a collection of US patents”. What’s more, just take the pills and you will add inches to your Johnson easily in no time.

The truth is: any product that claim to enlarge penis size is downright scam. Those goddamn pills don’t work, they just make your bank account smaller.

Yeah that’s right, I said it: Biomanix doesn’t work. Here’s why:

#1. There’s no true science behind advertising claims of Biomanix, or any other penis enlargement pills. These products are not based on evidence. According to the marketing claims, the formula of Biomanix “has been clinically tested to increase penile tissue and increasing erection size by 32%”. The question is: where is the proof? I can’t find the related study anywhere, not even on their website.

In addition, this product is said to be inspired by a collection of US patents. However, a patent is should not be a substitute for scientific proof. A patent simply “ the right to stop other people making or using their invention [1]. The patent owner is not required to prove the effectiveness of his product to obtain a patent. In short, Biomanix is NOT a proven formula.

#2. The proprietary blend of Biomanix contains Tongkat Ali, L-Arginine, Muira Puama, and Maca Root. These ingredients may help to improve your sex life, but none can alter the size of your south department. With proprietary blend, it’s impossible to know the specific amount of each ingredient. In short, you can’t tell if Biomanix is properly dosed.

The danger of penis enlargement pills
Contrary to what its maker told you, Biomanix has not been tested for safety, efficacy and effectiveness. In fact, supplements for erectile and sexual performance are largely unregulated. It’s why maker of Biomanix can get away with bogus claims. In addition, an internet survey conducted by FDA concluded that one-third of supplements that claimed to improve sexual function contained prescription drugs or undisclosed prescriptions that can result in adverse side effects [2].

Who’s behind Biomanix?
The only information we gather about the maker behind Biomanix is the toll free number: 1-800-296-1686. The address and company name is not revealed. Now the question to ask is: if a company has a solution to make penis bigger, would it really be a weird secret that only a mysterious company will know about? Why haven’t we see it mentioned on major news media? The answer is clear: this solution DOES NOT exist.

Bottom line?

Stay away from Biomanix.

If you happen to have small penis, or think you have small penis, don’t despair.

Here’s what you can do:

#1. Shave away most of your pubic hair, and it will make your penis looks longer.

#2. Lose weight: when the fat comes off from the belly, your penis will appear bigger.

#3. Use a cock ring during the deed. It helps to draw blood to the penis and harden erection. Do not leave on for too long or it could damage penile tissue!

#4. Give Vigrx Plus a try. Out of all the pills available on the market, it’s the only one that actually does anything. It contains the essential nutrients to empower your penis. You may notice slight temporary increase in girth, but the real magic is that it boosts erection quality and delay orgasm. You can refer to the related clinical study here. Do not use if you have heart problem or high blood pressure.

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  • Samuel Musngi September 2, 2016, 2:18 pm

    Hello! i need Biomanix as i like bigger penis. where Biomanix from?

    • Markus September 5, 2016, 12:43 am

      The pills can’t make you bigger. Please read the article again!

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