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Bionic Penis Implant: Read This Before You Decide!

Lately there’s so much talk about bionic penis implant. A man from the United Kingdom, Mohammed Abad made headlines when doctors fitted him with an eight-inch penis implant . In the United States, Dr. James Elist is generating a buzz with his penis implant invention, dubbed as Penuma procedure. Simply put, a bionic penis implant is a device surgically placed inside the penis that help men to achieve erection. Perhaps more importantly, this method has the highest rate of patient satisfaction among all erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment. The question is: should you go for it? Read on for an overview of this medical procedure before you jump on the bandwagon.

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Bionic Penis Implant: What is it? How Does it Work?
Penis Implant (also known as penile prosthesis), invented in 1973, is known to be an effective treatment for the condition of erectile dysfunction. According to an analysis of Medicare Public Use File , more than 53,000 ED patients opted for an implant. And, men with penis implant and their partners report high level of satisfaction [source #1 & #2].

A penile implant is a device that is placed surgically, either through one incision in the scrotum or through an incision in the lower abdomen, right above the penis [source] .There are two types of penis implants: inflatable and semi rigid. The inflatable implant consists of two tubes that are connected to a “reservoir” of fluid and pump [source]. When a man is ready, he pressed the button to transfer fluid from reservoir into the tube, thus obtaining an erection. That’s right: one can literally “command” a boner by demand.

Semi-rigid implant is composed of two malleable rods implanted into the erection chamber of the penis [source]. With the implant one can lift or just the penis for sexual intercourse. The option is less common because most men find it embarrassing to have permanent erection.

Who is it for, really?
The bionic penis implant is usually recommended for men who can’t achieve or maintain an erection, and it should be used as last resort.

Important facts of Bionic Penis Implant-surgery
#1. Some men reported a decrease in penis size after an implant. According to urologist Dr. J.F. Eid, it’s likely caused by inexperienced surgeon.

#2. The implant does not help men to achieve orgasm and ejaculation. It doesn’t boost fertility in men either. [Source: Livescience]

#3. The cost is about $18,000, and most insurance plan cover the surgery. [source: ABC News]

#4. The lifespan of the implant is about 10-12 years. [source: ABC News]

#5. After the surgery, patients may experience these side effects: pain, swelling, bruising, swelling.

#6. The implant is not visibly noticeable when the penis is flaccid [source: webmd].

What is sex like with The Bionic Penis Implant?

As mentioned, the implant helps to make penis stiff and hard just like a natural erection. It allows many men to enjoy sex life again, though most rate the erection as shorter than their normal erection [source: webmd] .With the implant, many men are able to get the function back and enjoy normal sex life again. Recently a 40-year-old man with a functional penis implant recently did a Reddit AMA  with username “Titantool”. He posted some pictures of his Willy, but the pump is not noticeable. His wife said the girth “is fantastic and it feels better for her”. Another user “Prose_Dragon” said he too had implant but none of his one night stand partners noticed anything.

The Menshealth columnist Anka Radakovich hooked up with a bionic guy but couldn’t tell the difference in the sack . On Phoenix5 , Wendy, a female proponent of penis implant said she and her husband is 100% satisfied with the outcome.

Bottom line: Penis implant is an important decision. Remember, no surgery is totally free from possible complications. You really have to think long and hard before doing something to your most-prized organ. Talk to your physician first, and explore all options before you decide on implant.

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