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Black ant king reviews and side effects: Buyer beware!

The incredible team of researchers and developers over at Hong Kong Hongwei Biology Research Center has produced a new penis enlargement product called “Black Ant King.” This product is allegedly the latest blue pill alternative after clinical trials in 2005. What’s more, it can persist 180 hours in human body without any side effects.

Yeah, right!

It has been said over and over again: no pills in this world can increase the size of your manhood permanently. The right male enhancement product can improve your sexual well bring, but it can’t alter your size. Black Ant King is said to be backed by clinical trials, but I can’t find the related study anywhere. There’s no information about the above mentioned “research center”, either. A quick search on Google shows that the company behind Black Ant King also touts another questionable product called Zhengongfu.

Plus, there are other concerns:

– According to the product description, Black Ant King has no side effects. However, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) from Australia has tested Black Ant King and found that it contains the undeclared prescription substance sildenafil. It may interact in dangerous ways with some medicines! (see source)

It’s important to note that Black Ant King is a marketed as dietary supplement. The maker doesn’t have obtain approval from the FDA. The quality, efficacy and safety of this product is not known.

– There’s no money back guarantee.

– The exact ratio and and amount of ingredients are not revealed. It’s unclear if Black Ant King contain effective dosage.

Lack of transparency: there’s no information on the merchant and maker behind Black Ant King. I can’t find their contact information. The domain owner information is hidden too. If they are legit, why do they have to remain anonymous?

In a nutshell, you will want to stay way from Black Ant King. This product has about as much chance of actually increasing the size of your manhood as sunrises from the west. The only thing getting huge is the bank account of companies that sell Black Ant King. Save your money!

Recommended alternative: Only use male enhancement pills for performance purposes. Look for products with a large website, with charts, and a long and proven track record. Also, look for products with media coverage, and medical endorsement from a well-known physician, as they’re less likely to lend their names to a scam product.

We highly recommend Vigrx Plus. It’s medically proven and comes with customer testimonials. It’s endorsed by Dr Steven Lamm (author of “The Hardness Factor” and guest of TV show “The View”). Besides, the product uses proven and combination of natural ingredients with Bioperine to ensure maximum efficacy and absorption. The benefits include: rock hard erection that look and feel bigger for your partner, increased sexual stamina and better ejaculatory control.

Take a look on side-by-side comparison of Vigrx Plus vs Black Ant King:

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