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Blackcore Edge Max Reviews: The BIG Lie

Blackcore Edge Max is claimed to be “natural testosterone enhancement” formula with myriad of usual promises, including

Have intense orgasm;
Have better erection;
increase your size;
experience satisfying sex;
increase your stamina

Oh what a fantastic idea! Just pop a magic pill, and you will be bigger. You will become the sex machine in no time.

What’s more, the company behind Blackcore Edge Max is giving away free bottles!

However, For anyone who possesses common sense, there’s a big problem with the claim. The truth is: no pills (or powders, bottles drugs) in this world can increase your size permanently. The clinical evidence of Blackcode Edge Max is lacking. I am not even sure if the advertising claims have ever been verified.

Other problems with Blackcore Edge Max

#1. “Free trial” isn’t free: as mentioned earlier, customers have the opportunity to try Blackcore Edge Max by only paying $4.95 for shipping and handling. On the order page, the terms and conditions are buried in the small print. By providing the credit card information, the customers are agreeing to a recurring subscription, which cost them $85.95 per month, if they do not cancel within the trial period.

At the time of writing, there are not many online reviews available for Blackcore Edge Max because it’s a new product. However, I always caution everyone to avoid these free offers. These offers operate in the same way: you sign up for the free trials, you get billed repeatedly. You return the product, but it’s almost impossible to recoup your loss. Before you know it, you are hundreds of dollars out of pocket.

With a little bit of investigation, I found that the company behind Blackcore Edge Max also manufactured Lumisse, Slimming Garnicia, Garnicia Pure, and Beau Derma. As well, the company offers “free trials” for these products, but the customer feedback has been far from stellar. See for yourself:











If you Google the product names, you will come across many more related complaints, though there’s very little information about the company. One thing’s for sure: you will want to stay away from their products, including Blackcore Edge Max.

#2. Fake legitimacy: the Blackcore Edge Max websites claim that the product has appeared in MensHealth, Maxim, Playboy, and Men’s Journal. Regardless of what they claim, you’d be hard pressed to find third-party verification showing this product is indeed mentioned in these magazines. That’s right: the claim is nothing but a lie!


#3. Fake security seals: On the front page of Blackcore Edge Max websites, you will see a “SafePurchase” security seals. On the order page, there are a few security seals that indicate the website has been verified by TrustGuard (see picture below). However, none of the security seals are clickable! That means that the company has not been verified safe, and the fake seals are posted with the intention to steal your details!


#4. Unknown formula: the Blackcore Edge Max contains a cocktail of Boron Amino, Wild Yam Extract, Epimedium, Saw Palmetto, Tongkat Ali, Sarsaparilla, Orchic, and Nettle extract. The precise amount of individual ingredients is not known. It’s unclear if the product contains therapeutic dosage.

What about the evidence listed on Blackcore Edge Max website? The only citation links to this study. The 2010 study concluded that

“Daily treatment with low-dose, purified ICA improves penile hemodynamic parameters 4 weeks after cavernous nerve injury in a rat model of ED.” (Note: ICA, also known as Icariin, active moiety of Epimedium, an ingredient of Blackcore Edge Max).

Note that the study was performed not on human, but rats. In fact, there’s very little clinical data verifying Epimedium’s benefits on the human. What’s more, Blackcore Edge Max formula has not been tested indepedently!

So what’s the bottom line?

Don’t buy Blackcore Edge Max. If you want to improve your sex life, it’s the last thing you will need.

Additional Information 

To return Blackcore Edge Max and ask for a refund, first please contact the following to obtain  RMA by calling: 877-516-7511.

Then, contact the customer support:

Edgeline Performance Returns
P.O. Box 25380
Santa Ana CA 92799

Phone Support:
Monday-Friday 24 hours a day, 7 daysa week
Phone: 877-516-7511

Email Support:
Please Allow 24 Hours For Reply.



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