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Bravado Male Enhancement Reviews and Side Effects

According to to its advertising claim, Bravado is a “powerful, all natural sexual performance enhancer.” Besides, it’s “doctor formulated to be safe and effective.” What’s more, it’s said to be the only male enhancement product on the market with patented FORT, Flow Oral Release Technology. Apparently this technology will allow your body to fully absorb the active ingredient of Bravado.

Hmm… sound impressive, but where’s the proof?

Sure, the company behind Bravado may have patented FORT, yet it doesn’t mean that the product is proven to work. According to Google, the definition of patent is “a government authority of licence conferring a right or title for a set period, esp. the sole right to exclude others from making, using, or selling an invention.” However, our team failed to find any clinical data or independent proof to validate the effectiveness of FORT. Also, I can’t find any relevant information from official website US Patent and Trademark Office.

Here’s the side by side comparison between our top pick, Vigrx Plus vs Bravado:


Here’s another problem with Bravado: the ingredients list are not listed. It’s unclear if this product contains effective dosage to benefit users. The official website does say that it may increase testosterone levels and boost nitric oxide production.

So what about the side effects of Bravado? Of course, the company asks you not to worry about side effects. However, they do mention that the “all natural” ingredients in Bravado may interact with certain drugs, though they do not reveal the name of the drugs. Since we don’t know what’s really inside Bravado, it’s hard to access its long term safety and side effects.

So who makes Bravado? The company behind Bravado is Direct Alternative LLC. If you google this company you will notice they received a number of complaints due to billing issues. There were a number of unhappy who failed to obtain refund from the company. You can see the complaints here and here.

Conclusion: We simply can’t gather enough information to endorse Bravado. With so many questions remain unanswered, we don’t see why you should sign up and pay $50 for this product. If you want to give it a try, be sure to read the fine print carefully before you shell out the credit card!


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