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Buteau Superba 528 Reviews: Does it Work?

Buteau Superba, a product distributed by Dartford Kent Laboratories is said to be “new breakthrough male augmentation formula rated #1 by scientific community. According to the advertising claims, you can “get bigger, faster!” On the website FAQ page, the company said that “ we can say with 100% certainty that you will get bigger – no question.”

I’ve written this relentlessly: penis enlargement pills do not work. There’s no medical science behind Buteau Superba. The truth is: the idea that herbs and nutrients can enlarge penis size isn’t proven. If there are proven penis pills, the whole world would know about it. Every guy would have a huge thong, and many women would suffer from internal bleeding! But it certainly isn’t the case, not by a long shot.

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Many desperate men buy into the hype because they believe everything they read. The thing is, FDA does not review the claims of every label [1]. Also, they cannot test all product in the market. In fact, FDA has identified about 300 male enhancement supplements that contain undeclared drug ingredients [2]. These tainted supplements can result in adverse side effects. It’s unclear if Buteau Superba 528 has been tested for safety and efficacy. In addition, for a new product like this, the long term consequences is hard to understand.

What ingredients are in Buteau Superba 528?
The official website of Buteau Superba does not disclose the full ingredient list. It’s not clear if the product is properly dosed. According to the website, the key ingredients include:

Buteau Superba: a herb native to Thailand used by locals as aphrodisiac. However, no placebo-controlled clinical studies exist so far to support aphrodisiac activity [3]. The recommended dosage is not yet established .

Tribulus Terrestris: it’s an Ayurveda plant native to warm regions of Europe, Southern Asia, Australia and Africa. Few studies show that supplementation of Tribulus Terrestris may boost testosterone and increase rigidity of erection in interfile men. [4]

L-arginine: is an amino acid that triggers nitric oxide production. However, oral supplementation may not increase testosterone level and improve blood flow in human [5].

Evidently, the ingredients in Buteau Superba 528 may improve your sexual function, but it can not alter your size.

Who’s behind Buteau Superba 528?
Buteau Superba is said to be produced by Dartford Kent Laboratories, but there’s very little information about this company. The domain name www.buteasuperba528.com is registered through Domains by Proxy, which allows registrants to hide their contact information.

It seems that the company also produced Longinexx and Xantho 5x. The common complaints of Longinexx include lack of effectiveness [6] and unsatisfactory customer support [7].

Bottom line
As it stands now, it’s hard to recommend Buteau Superba 528.

How to Make Her Feel Huge
I came across this quote on Reddit.com [8] and highly recommend you do the same:

“You can either wish for a bigger cock, or fuck with the one you got. Me personally, I like fucking more than I like wishing” (credit: User Gatsby365)

The truth is, you have what it takes to keep your partner totally satisfied in bed. Small penis can work if you know how to make optimal use of what you’ve got. Here’s how:

#1. Shave your pubic hair. You will look bigger.

#2. Learn how to use your fingers and mouth to give her pleasure. Get familiar with her anatomy. Learn where her erogenous zones are. Spend generous amount of time during foreplay. Remember: sex is much more than penetrative act.

#3.Experiment with positions that increase tightness and friction. For example, when both of you resume in missionary position, place a pillow under her butt, and have her leg rest against your chest. During the deed, you lean forward slightly. You will gain easy access to the vaginal side wall, thus resulting in greater pleasure for her.

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