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Cymetra (Micronized Alloderm) Penis Enhancement Reviews and Analysis: Yay or Nay?

hurrySummary: Cymetra penis enhancement procedure is overhyped. There’s no clinical evidence to access its effectiveness and long term long term consequences.

Full review: Guys, let’s be honest here: you want to be bigger. Chances are, you land on this page because you want to find out if there are actually ways that you can increase the size of your manhood. In fact, on the World Wide Web you will come across myriad of snake oil and miracle cures, most of which are designed to capitalized on men’s deepest insecurities. These products include herbal pills, ointment cream, hanger, extender and penis pump. Despite the outrageous advertising claims, these products can’t alter the size of your pecker.

The only proven penis enlargement method is surgery, though it’s not recommended for men with healthy penis. The most popular surgical procedure to widen the penis involves taking fat from fleshy part of the body and inject it into the penis shaft. However, many patients were dissatisfied with the results. And, the American Urological Association (AUA) and the Urology Care Foundation consider subcutaneous fat injection for increasing penile girth to be a procedure which has not been shown to be safe or efficacious [source].

Of late, North Valley Plastic Surgery claims to have the solution. Their surgeons use “Cymetra” for penis widening procedure. According to the official website, Cymetra is

“..essentially an injectable form of Alloderm which has been used for years to safely increase penis girth.” (source)

That’s right: it’s ready to use, and patients are not required to go under the knife!

So the question is: is Cymetra the holy grail of penis enlargement? Does it really work? Before you take out a penile improvement loan, read on to find out more!

What is Cymetra? How does it work?
Cymetra is a micronized particulate form of Alloderm. Alloderm is a collagen matrix that is acellular in nature. Specifically, it is cadaver skin (i.e. skin from dead people) that has had epidermis and cells taken out of it, and just leave the necessary tissues (collagen, elastin, proteins and proteoglycans) behind. Therefore, like dermal fat grafting, an incision is not required.

Manufactured by Lifecell Corporation, Alloderm is commonly used in breast reconstruction and hernia operation. In penis enlargement procedure, surgeons layer sheets of Alloderm (usually 1-6 sheets) directly over the tunica albuginea of penis. Once implanted, patient’s blood vessels and tissue would gradually integrated into Alloderm, thus resulting in tissue growth and revascularization .

As for Cymetra, it’s delivered by injection as a minimally invasive tissue graft. Although use of Cymetra in penis enhancement procedure is relatively new, it has been used extensively for injections into the vocal cords and as a dermal filler.

Theoretically, Cymetra and Alloderm are natural and safe alternative to using patient’s own tissue.

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Related Research and Studies of Cymetra and Alloderm

There are few studies conducted on Cymetra. A 2007 study concluded that micronized Alloderm (Cymetra) is a suitable option for vocal fold immobility with a moderate gap [1]. Another study found Cymetra is a better option to rejuvenate aging lip than Zyplast [2]. As well, it shows some promise in the management of recalcitrant sinus tracts [3].

A 2008 study published on JAMA [4] compares various graft materials in the rabbit model. The Alloderm grafts demonstrated graft thickening at 1 month and total resorption at 3 and 4 months. Note that this is a rodent study, the results may be different in human subjects.

A study published on ResearchGate reported two patients developed extensive penile skin necrosis following augmentation phalloplasty with Alloderm [5].

The thing is: most of the related studies on Cymetra and Alloderm focus on the use of micronized Alloderm in cosmetic facial surgery and in treatment of vocal fold immobility. There’s no clinical trials to evaluate the effectiveness of Cymetra in enlarging the size of penis. As stated on study [5]:

“Until the appropriate studies are undertaken to establish indications for usage and the preferred procedure chosen, it is imperative that we carefully and honestly monitor outcomes to limit untoward results of all penile enlargement operations, including AlloDerm-based phalloplasties.”


  • Unlike other cosmetic penis surgery, you are not required to wear a stretcher for months after the procedure.
  • You do not need to provide dermal grafts from your own body, thus avoiding potential side effects of additionalincisions . In addition, Cymetra does not result in irregular lumps, scars or marshmallow-looking boner.
  • No skin testing is required.
  • It’s a very straightforward procedure.



  •  The USA Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) does not approve Cymetra or Alloderm for cosmetic augmentation. Cymetra Micronized Tissue is regulated by the FDA as human tissue for transplantation. (Source: Lifecell)
  • Due to the limitations in testing technology, testing and donor screening cannot totally eliminate the risk that human source material will transmit disease. (source: Lifecell)
  • The Alloderm does not stretch and it may not integrate into patient’s penile tissues. As a results, patients may experience loss of length and curvature.
  • The result is temporary.

Patients Reviews and feedback
At the date of writing, North Valley Plastic Surgery is the only place to get Cymetra injection (for girth expansion) and the key person was Dr. Steven Gitt. North Valley Plastic Surgery is rated as followed:

Google Review4.5/5
(Better Business Bureau)

Nearly all the online reviews are from patients who had undergone surgery for breast augmentation, body enhancements, facial procedures, skin treatments and post bariatric surgery. I found only two reviews from patients who went with the Cymetra penis enhancement procedure:



The reviews were posted on Phalloboards, a forum where users discuss penis enlargement products and service.

Note: unfortunately, Dr. Steven Gitt has passed away in July 2016 (see link).

Other considerations

  • Most men who have penile enlargement surgery regret doing so.
  • Lifecell Corporation does not endorse use of their product for penis enlargement phalloplasty.
  • Alloderm and Cymetra may not be appropriate for all type of surgeries.
  • There’s no evidence that increasing the size of penis improve one’s sex life.
  • In the book “Glenn’s Urologic Surgery” authored by Dr. Sam Graham and Dr. Thomas Keane, use of Alloderm in girth expansion may result in following side effects: unnatural feel of the penis, migration of Alloderm, asymmetry, visual and palpable deformities. As well, cases of infected Alloderm have been reported.


Bottom line
As you can see, the long term consequences of Cymetra penis enhancement procedure is not known. Please think long and hard before going into something like this. After all, it’s your most prized organ we are talking about! Remember: women don’t really care unless it’s really small or really big.

Related studies

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