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Enduro Force Testosterone Booster & Apple Cider Vinegar Scam Review: Fake CNN Story

CNN has just aired an exciting report about a revolutionary testosterone booster called Enduro Force that’s guaranteed to increase lean muscle, stamina, focus, and accelerate fat loss. According to the “CNN”, the combination of Enduro Force Testo and Apple Cider Vinegar has allowed a student from Cornell University to drop 30lbs in just one month! At the bottom of the report, there’s a large ad that offers a free sample. Just enter your credit card information and you’ll never have to worry about your weight again, right?


Don’t fall for the fake news about Enduro Force testosterone booster and apple cider vinegar. Everything about this story is a lie. It’s full of false and misleading claims. Let’s unpack this.

Claim #1: The story is featured on CNN Nutrition.

Fact: This story NEVER appears on CNN. See for yourself:


The story was featured on domain http://www.cnn-news-science.com.

However, the official CNN’s URL is http://www.cnn.com

Other offenders, but not limited to, included the following phony sites:


Claim #2: “by Suzanne Pischner”

Fact: We can’t locate the identity of Suzanne Pischner on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The name also appears to on a spoofed TMZ website which linked to some iffy Garcinia product.

Claim #3: “Ryan Haughman, a student at Cornell University, was able to drop 37lbs off his waist in 1 month without ever using a dime of his own money.”

Fact: The lead photograph purportedly showing Ryan Haughman’s weight loss is actually Mark Smithers, who shed off 11 stones (approximately 154 lbs) in one year. Smithers told HuffingtonPost UK in 2014 that the weight loss is achieved through the old fashioned way of diet and exercise. He did not use Enduro Testo or Apple Cider Vinegar.

Claim #4: “Jonah Hill credited his entire weight loss to combining Enduro Force with apple cider vinegar.”

Fact: Nothing can be further from the truth. Here’s what Mr. Hill told ABC News in 2011:

“I wish there was some crazy thing that I did, like a pill or a genie or something, but I went to see a nutritionist, and he told me what to eat and to change my habits and stuff,” he told ABC News in 2011.”

Claim #5: “Enduro Force with apple cider vinegar has been clinically proven to…”

Fact: There’s zero scientific evidence to back up the claim behind the Enduro Force and apple cider vinegar combo. Furthermore, Enduro Force has not been tested for long term safety and effectiveness.

Buyer aware
According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the benefit and safety of testosterone products have not been established for the treatment of low testosterone levels due to aging [R]. Besides, testosterone supplements may result in side effects including acne, blood clots, infertility [R] and increased risk of heart attack [R].

So what’s the bottom line?
Stay away from Enduro Force testosterone booster.

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