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Enduros Male Enhancement Reviews and Side Effects

Enduros male enhancement supplement, according to its claim, is “maximum strength formula” with “fast result guaranteed”. Additionally, it may help to increase size, improve stamina, intensify orgasm and help you to last longer in sex. This product is featured on a few blogs with identical contents. Sometimes the blogger is named “Michelle”, and other times “Tammy”. According to these ladies, their boyfriends took Enduros and Ripped Muscle X. As a result, these lucky men managed to add 2.7 inches to their private parts in just three weeks!


I hate to be the one to burst the bubble, but Enduros (or Ripped Muscle X, for that matter) will NOT make your penis bigger. All these claims are gimmicks. I’ve said it over and over again: no supplement in this world can alter your size permanently. Any advertisers who tell you otherwise are trying to capitalize your security to make extra moolah. The blogs mentioned earlier are in fact fake blogs (also known as flogs). These websites are created by marketers for the purpose of marketing a produt, so the content is far from genuine. If you look at those Enduros flogs, you will find that all they talk about is that product. You can’t even leave a message!

OK before we proceed, let’s take a look on side by side comparison between our top pick, Vigrx Plus vs Enduros:


So what’s inside Enduros male enhancement supplement? According to the official website, Enduros contains L-arginine, Tongkat Ali, Niacin, Xanthoparmelia Scaborsa, Tongkat Ali, Tribulus Terrestris etc. Many enhancement supplements include L-Arginine in their formulation. Theoretically, L-arginine may stimulate the synthesis of hemodilator nitric oxide (NO) in your blood vessel, thus resulting in stronger erection. However, studies show that oral arginine supplementation does not affect blood flow! Additionally, clinical trials of L-arginine exhibit mixed results for treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Note that Euduros also said to contain Tongkat Ali. The root and proper extraction of this herb is very expensive. A lot of Tongkat Ali supplements on the market are either counterfeit, or they are diluted so much as to be worthless. Since Enduros has not been tested for its effectiveness and safety, it’s hard to tell if this product contains true and effective Tongkat Ali.

Enduros side effects: L-arginine supplementation may result in nausea, sore muscle, numbness, swelling of hands and feet. Tongkat Ali may cause insomnia in some people.

The problem with Enduros: when you land on the official website of Enduros, you will notice the side bar on the right. Specifically, you are invited to enter your contact in exchange of free sample. On the following page, you will be asked pay a small shipping fee ($6.95) in exchange of free bottle of Enduros. Here’s the thing: if you do not cancel within 12 days, you will be charged $94.30 every month for continuous supply. Don’t believe me? Look at one of the complaint:



Oh, and the rating of the official website on Better Business Bureau is “F”.
Also, you will find several trust seals on the order page, but none of them are clickable! The trust feals are NOT genuine! The practice to trick consumers is downright deceptive!

So what’s the bottom line?

In short, I highly recommend you to avoid Enduros male enhancement supplement, and the free trials. This product may contain beneficial ingredients, but the long term side effects and efficacy is not known. Save your money.

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  • Joe Trahan July 6, 2014, 1:37 am

    Watta joke save your money they took 98 fn dollars when i cancelled they said they would credit my account half WTF

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