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Erectzan Reviews and Side Effects: Does Erectzan work?

A reader asked me about “Erectzan”, the latest male enhancement product, so I decided to take a look. According to the advertising claims on its official website, Erectzan appears to be wonder pill with following benefits:

immediate and long term results;
increased confidence;
bigger, harder, stronger, and longer erection;
delay ejaculations;

and much more!

Now let’s take a look on comparison between Erectzan vs Vigrx Plus, our top pick:


Of course, just about every male enhancement pills on the market today make similar claims. The question is: does Erectzan really work? Sorry to disappoint you, but within few minutes of my visiting the the official website of Erectzan, my BS detector was sounding fast. There are few problems with this formula:

#1. No, you can’t get bigger: on the section “how it works”, you will come across an article titled “how Erectzan incredible formula of potent herbs works to enlarge your penis”. Specifically, the article is about how the herbs can enhance your erection, NOT about penis enlargement, so the title is misleading. Having said that, Erectzan will alter your size. None of the penis enlargement pills have been scientifically proven to permanently increase penis size, so don’t ever believe the hype!

#2. Erectzan is a proprietary blend of 24 ingredients, and each serving is 1410mg. With label dressing like this, you can’t be sure of the exact amount of each ingredient inside Erectzan. Additionally, you won’t know if the formula contains active dose to benefit users.

Now let’s use to a simple calculation, as mentioned the blend is 1410 mg and it contains 24 ingredients, so it’s each ingredient is about (1410mg / 24) 59mg. The caveat is: for most compounds out there, 59 mg won’t do any good to your body! What’s more, this example is vague as it’s easy enough to manufacture a blend with very little active ingredients and fillers.

#3.Lack of transparency: I did a background check for the domain of Erectzan official website. The contact information for the registrar is hidden. There’s no information about the company and manufacturer behind Erectzan. I can’t even find the name of the company. In my opinion, the legitimate businesses would not hide these information.

#4. According to the claims, Erectzan is “as seen and advertised in” major news sites like Newsweek, USA Today, US News, USA Weekend etc. Chances are, the maker of Erectzan has placed advertisements on these websites. In fact, anyone with money can do so to promote their product.

#5. As Erectzan is a new product, the long term effectiveness and side effects are not known. The product also does not appear to be backed by clinical studies. [Note: be careful with new male enhancement products because according to FDA, many are tainted with varying quantities of drugs ingredients and untested pharmaceutically active ingredients.)

Users reviews: there are not a lot of users reviews available online, and the rating on Amazon is average at best. The rating is a mere 2.5 out of 5:


One user said by Erectzan made him nauseous and headache:


In addition, according to users reviews on Ripoffreport (source), the company behind Erectzan seems to engage in unethical email practices. One user, Danny said:

“Complete rippoff. They email and email me without any permission. They use my data for illicit sources.” (source)

In short, I will give Erectzan a miss this time. There are much more effective and potent alternative products available in the marketplace.


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  • l .Williams June 16, 2014, 7:14 pm

    I been using erectzan for 4 weeks . I’m not satisfied. It’s the worst

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