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Formula 41 Extreme Review Review and Side Effects

So… Formula 41 Extreme s said to be “clinically tested for increasing size, hardness and stamina”. In addition, there are also many gigantic claims on the website of Formula 41 Extreme, including that the pills “make it easy to be the size you dream of”, and it’s also the “#1 rated male enhancement supplement”. However, there’s one thing they do not tell you: Formula 41 Extreme does not work.

Here’s the thing: the claims are totally ridiculous. There’s no actual science behind the promise of any penis enlargement pills. You would be hard pressed to find clinical proof to validate the claims make by the maker of Formula 41 Extreme. Think about it: if Formula 41 Extreme really is the holy grail to penis enlargement, do its maker needs to buy online ads to get words out? Why didn’t everyone and its dog queue up for this solution? After all, who doesn’t want to have bigger endowment? The answer is really simple: these goddamn pills do not work!

Remember Extenze? The Extenze website and infomercial claimed that it can improve sexual experience and enlarge penis despite the lack of scientific evidence. Its maker was fined $6 million to settle false advertising lawsuit. Unfortunately, people do not learn from this cautionary tale. Fly-by-night salesman continue to peddle penis enlargement scam, and men continue to fall for it.

In addition, I also noticed that the website template of Formula 41 Extreme is rather similar to Rexavar and Biomanix. The wording and copy are very similar! I suspect these products are made by similar manufacturer under different moniker. Take a look here:

Formula 41 Extreme website:





Formula 41 Extreme Side effects: of course, the maker behind Formula 41 Extreme will have you believe that the product has no side effects. However, one of its key ingredient, Tribulus Terrestris is advised against for people with diabetes and prostate problems. [1]

Bottom line: Formula 41 Extreme is not recommended. Don’t buy into the hype. As they always said, if things sound too good to be true, it probably is!

In all honesty, size is overrated. Women don’t care about size as long as it falls within reasonable limits. Also, the location of the G-spot is typically reported as 2-3 inches inside the vagina, on the front wall [2]. So you don’t really need a gigantic penis to keep her totally satisfied in bed. Just be sure you can keep your boner like morning wood.

Here’s a recommendation: look up a product called Vigrx Plus. It’s a clinically proven and doctor recommended supplements that will help you to achieve erection like morning wood. It also helps to delay ejaculation, thus allowing you to last longer in bed. Check it out. Do not use if you have heart problems and diabetes. Whenever in doubt, consult your doctor first.

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