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Hugegenic Reviews and Side Effects


Male enhancement products and procedure aren’t difficult to find. The ads are everywhere: magazines, late night TV infomercial, radio shows, and internet. These products often promise to add inches to your private departments, enhance libido and sexual stamina. However, there’s very little science behind these products. Most of the male enhancement products are medically questionable. Hugegenic is the perfect example.

Before we proceed, let’s take a look of quick comparison between Hugegenic vs Vigrx Plus, our top choice:


According to the official website of Hugegenic, it’s said to be “all natural supplement for a huge penis”. The benefits are “more nutrients for size, erections on demand, and more intense orgasms”. As well, Hugengenic contains L-arginine, Yohimbe, Maca and Ginseng. The key ingredient, L-arginine has been featured in many body-building and male enhancement supplements. It is believed to stimulate the synthesis of hemodilator nitric oxide (NO)in our blood vessels, thus resulting in enhanced erection, increased muscle size and strength. Nonetheless, studies [1,2] show that L-arginine supplementation does not affect blood flow and NO production.

The effective dosage for L-arginine is 400-6000 miligrams. The exact ingredient of L-arginine inside Hugegenic is not revealed, and the product may not be tested for effectiveness. As well, Arginine may cause following side effects: bloating, diarrhea, nausea, numbness, rash, change of blood sugar levels etc. [4]

Another ingredient Yohimbe, has been shown to be effective in treatment of male impotence and orgasmic dysfunction, though few studies suggest that the evidence is anedoctal only. The recommended dosage to treat erectile dysfunction is 15-30mg a day. Again, the maker of Hugegenic does not disclose the amount of Yohimbe inside each supplement. You can’t be sure what/how much you are taking! The thing is: the difference between an effective dose and a dangerous dose is very narrow. Higher doses of Yohimber supplementation can result in threatening side effects, including rapid heart rate, overstimulation, insomnia etc. It should also be avoided by anyone with liver, kidney, heart disease or psychological disorder. [5]

Who makes Hugengenic? On its official website, there’s very little information about the company and manufacturer behind Hugegenic. I found that the toll free number belongs to a company called “Clean Health Nutrition”. This company also produced Garnicia Cambogia Formula, Testostrong, Nitric Power, Thermo Black X. On scambook.com, this company received 32 complaints, mostly about deceptive billing practice.

Other red flags: on both the homepage and order page of Hugegenics, you will see few logos of trust seal (e.g. “Godaddy.com verified and secured” and “128 bit SSL secure site”), though none of the seals are clickable! Don’t trust these seals!

Also, the website makes you believe that the product is featured on major media like Huff Post, Medical Daily and NBC. If you take a look of the tiny fine print, they are simply saying “penis size does matter”, as reported by these news sites.

In short, Hugegenic appears to be another fly-by-night product. This pill will not alter your penis size permanently. But if you are looking for an all-around, multifaceted approach to male enhancement, there are proven alternative to this unproven product.



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