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Jacked Muscle Extreme Reviews: Don’t Fall for it!

336x280-AGR-246According to promotional material of Jacked Muscle Extreme, this new supplement is an “advance strength booster and fat burner”. It can help you to get ripped, gain strength, eliminate fat, and boost energy naturally. And the good news is: the free trial is available but for limited time only!

However, what they didn’t tell you is: Jacked Muscle Extreme is just the latest in a long line of bodybuilding supplement scams. It’s basically a marketing gimmick designed to slim down your wallet and your waistline second. Here are the reasons why you should avoid Jacked Muscle Extreme:

#1. There’s no scientific evidence to back up the advertising claims behind Jacked Muscle Extreme. The long term effectiveness, safety and side effects of this product are not established. I can’t find any research study on this product.

In addition, I failed to find out the ingredients inside its formula. The maker did not publish the label of Jacked Muscle Extreme on its official website. Does it contain effective active ingredients? Does it interact with any prescription drugs? The questions remain unanswered. As a smart consumer, you have to be extremely cautious with this. Do not purchase supplements without studying the label first!

#2. Free-trial offer: the only way to purchase Jacked Muscle Extreme is via their free trial offer. You pay $4.95 for shipping and handling for a month of supply. After 14 days of your order date, you will be charged $89.99 for monthly supply (by the way, the cost is simply outrageous for an unproven product!). To stop the charges, you have to contact the business to make cancellation. This is called “negative-options offers” and it’s a common tactic used by shady supplements companies. In most cases, these companies are poorly staffed and it’s nearly impossible to cancel your order or get your refund.

As it turns out, the company behind Jacked Muscle Extreme also markets another similar product called “Elite Test 360”. You can find numerous complaints online against the latter. Many unsuspecting customers were charged repeated and they had hard time getting their money back. Take a look here:


Suffice to say, the business practice of this company is questionable.

#3. The security seals on the official page of Jacked Muscle Extreme are non-clickable. In other words, the security of the site has not been verified by trusted third party. The seal labels are there to mislead customers!

The bottom line is: Jacked Muscle Extreme is one product you definitely should avoid!

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