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King Size Male Enhancement Pills Reviews: Does it Work?

Here’s the quick summary for King Size enhancement pills if you are short of time.

Rating: 1 out of 5. This offer is nothing but a snake oil.

Pros: There are no pros with King Size pills. It’s not worth your time testing.

Cons: King Size Pills is overpriced, long on promises but short on promises but short on delivery. It doesn’t have any medical proof to back it up.

Our recommendation: for the real deal, check out this clinically studied and doctor recommended formula. You can now try it risk free for 67 days.

Full Review
Here at SizeHQ I always stressed that there’s no such thing as penis enlargement pills. You’d think it’s common sense, but there are lots and lots of supposed options out there- created to prey on men’s insecurities in the south department. Take the King Size Pills for example, as stated on the label “increase performance, increase pleasure, increase size”. I look at the salespage and immediately it triggers my BS detector. Here’s a list of red flags:

#1. King Size pills claimed to “increase size”: as mentioned earlier, no pills in this world can alter your size. King Size pills does not have any medical evidence to back up the crazy claims.
Besides, this product is marketed as dietary supplements. According to FDA, “dietary supplements are not required by federal law to be tested for safety and effectiveness before they are marketed.” [1] So, you should always take the claims made by supplements manufacturers with grain of salt.

#2. The company behind King Size Pills choose to hide their information behind the related domains (trykingsize.com & kingsize-offer.com). However, it seems that the company also produced Regeneslift, Pure Testo Xplode & Pure Garnicia Cambogia Premium. A number of customers who bought these products online are far not too many because due to lack of effectiveness and deceptive billing practice [2][ 3]. It’s also obvious that their customer service is not the best.

#3. The free sample of King Size pills is available if you are willing to shell out $4.95 for shipping fees. According to the order page, the trial period is 10 day (see below). If you do not terminate your trial enrollment, you will be charged for additional product.

However, if you click on “Terms” buried at the bottom of the order page, you will find the print:


That’s right: if you do not cancel free trial, you will be billed $139.97 (plus $9.97 for shipping and handling) every 30 days for monthly supply of King Size. I find it misleading that the company do not state this clearly on the order page.

Besides, all the security seals on the order page are not click-able . The logos are unethically used to deceive unwitting customers. It’s unsure if the website is truly secured for financial transactions:


The takeaway
King Size enhancement pills do not work, period. Anyone who says otherwise is trying to empty your wallet to increase the size of their bank account. Don’t be a fool.

Remember: size doesn’t always matter in the sack. Believe it or not, most women dont’ actually enjoy pounding by a ten inch monster. What really matters is how you use it. Here are some tips to get you started:

#1. Make sure you eat better and exercise more. Get the best supplements you can to ensure your penis is getting all essential nutrients for rock hard erection.

#2. Learn how to use fingers and mouth to stimulate her erogenous zone. Learn how to keep your partner totally satisfied during foreplay, and you will look so well-endowed in her eyes. Trust me on this.

#3. Any positions where her legs are closer together will make your package feel huge. Click here for the list of positions.

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