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Leyzene Reviews and Side Effects Exposed!

Leyzene is now one of the best-selling male enhancement products on Amazon. It’s said to be a “doctor trusted brand” and “100% pure, natural, safe and effective”! At first glance, the marketing and formulation are fairly typical for male supplements sold on the market. I was tipped off to Leyzene by one of our website visitor.

Who made Leyzene?
On the official website of Leyzene.com, you can see a trust seal from Doctor Trusted website. Apparently, leyzene.com was carefully evaluated by an independent medical doctor called Dr. Daniel Hanley. The company behind Leyzene is called Natural Subsistence LLC. There’s very little information about this company. The owner of Leyzene.com has purposely made their whois information private (note: whois information for a website lists the owner and their contact information). It makes me wonder: does this company have something to hide?

What’s inside Leyzene?
Xanthoparmelia: According to webmd, Xanthoparmelia is a type of lichen. It’s has been promoted as sexual enhancer, and it’s also used to treat erectile dysfunction. There’s yet no scientific evidence that indicate this lichen has aphrodisiac properties. Also, it’s thought to contain toxic chemicals so please approach Xanthoparmelia supplements with extra caution (see source: Webmd).

Agmatine: it’s derived from L-arginine. Preliminary research suggest that Agmatine has potential use in the treatment of neuropathic pain and drug addiction. More human studies are required to validate the effectiveness of Agmantine. Over the years Agmatine has been marketed as as muscle-building supplements, mostly with completely unsubstantiated claims. (see source: Wikipedia & Examine)

Cnidium: in traditional Chinese medicine, Cnidium is prescribed for skin condition and for increasing sexual performance. According to the American Herbal Products Association, Cnidium is safe when taken in appropriate levels.

Horny Goat Weed: also known as Epimedium, it’s often used as sexual enhancer and a treatment for erectile dysfunction. Note that medication for blood pressure interacts with Horny Goat Weed.

Leyzene side effects
Leyzene claimed to be totally natural and safe. As you can see here, some users reported negative side effects, including: headache, nausea, stomach upset etc:


Truth be told, there’s no clinical evidence behind marketing claims of Leyzene. According to the whois information, the official website of Leyzene was launched on January 2014. In other words, Leyzene is a very new product. Its long term effectiveness and safety is not known.

So what’s the bottom line?

I didn’t try Leyzene so I can’t say if it works. At this point I am not in a position to recommend this product due to lack of evidence. Also, I don’t believe the company behind Leyzene is credible.

Have you tried Leyzene? Your comments are welcome!


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