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Maasalong Reviews: Does it work?

Maasalong is advertised to be the promising male supplement that can help you to add inches to your south department, build a muscular body, increase energy, boost sexual confidence, and shed off the unwanted pounds around your belly. It promised to increase three to five inches in just few weeks! It makes one wonder: if it really works, wouldn’t you hung like an elephant in no time? Beware though, your partner may leave you because she may not be able to take it any longer!

Joke aside, let’s a closer look on Maasalong and its ingredient lists:

Tongkat Ali: also known as Eurycoma longifolia, it’s a flowering plant that can be found in the rainforest of South East Asia. The plant is used in traditional medicine as a tonic herb, aphrodisiac, and also in the treatment of fever, stress, anxiety, headache, stomachache, etc [1]. Early evidence shows that Tongkat Ali may have clinical effects on erectile dysfunction. However, further research is lacking to support the evidence.

In the past, action had been taken by the FDA against products falsely claiming to contact Tongkat Ali as primary ingredients, after being found to contain prescription drugs. [2][3]

In a study conducted on over 200 Tongkat Ali products, more than 20% were found to be contaminated with mercury. [4]

Sarsaparilla Extract: it’s commonly used for skin disease, arthritis, kidney disease. Sarsaparilla is also touted to contain chemicals that can be converted to anabolic steroids like testosterone. But the scientific evidence is lacking [5].

Tribulus Terrestris: people commonly use Tribulus to improve various health issues, including infertility, erectile dysfunction, chest pain, enlarged prostate. Many supplement makers also claim that Tribulus is a hormone and it can help to increase testosterone level naturally. However, good scientific evidence is lacking.

Muira Puama: the wood has been used in Amazonian medicine to increase libido and penile hardness. There’s little scientific evidence to recommend the usage of Muira Puama for sexual enhancement for both males and females.

Panax Ginseng: it’s a perennial plant that grows in the mountain of Korea, China, and Siberia. In the east, Panax Ginseng has been used extensively to improve memory, promote vitality, and aid conditions including diabetes, Alzheimer and depression. One double-blind study in 2002 of 45 patients concluded that Panax Ginseng can be beneficial for treating male erectile dysfunction.

L-arginine: Anecdotal evidence suggests that L-arginine supplementation may help to improve sexual function and promote erection. However, it’s a vasodilator that may cause your blood pressure to fall drastically if you are also on blood pressure medication.

As you can see, the formula of Maasalong isn’t groundbreaking.

There’s no evidence that the product works as advertised. That’s right: it’s unlikely that you can grow your manhood with Maasalong. As well, as the dose of each ingredient is not listed, it’s hard to tell if Maasalong is an effective libido-enhancing supplement. Talk to your doctor before you try this or any other supplement.

The maker of Maasalong We lookup on the internet and we couldn’t find any information on the company behind Maasalong. The domain name information is kept private. There are two different brands of Maasalong on Amazon: Zephr Organics and Kivus.

30 day supply: 69 per bottle
180 day supply: 49 per bottle (294)
90 day supply: 59 per bottle (177)

Bottom line
If you are uncomfortable with your size or performance, Maasalong is not going to be your best bet. Chances are, your size is perfectly normal. As a matter of fact, giant manhood is far from pleasurable for women as it may result in painful friction. Instead, treasure what you have and learn how to please her with the right techniques and positions.

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