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Magna Rx Plus Reviews and Side Effects

According to the advertising claim, Magna Rx Plus is….

-Doctor designed and endorsed
-As seen on TV
-Maximum Male strength and performance

Of course, just because Magna Rx Plus is advertised on TV doesn’t mean it’s proven and effective. In fact, there’s no clinical evidence to back up the claims made by the manufacturer. Not suprising really, as dietary supplements like Magna Rx are loosely regulated. In addition, this product is said to be designed by “Doctor Aguilar”, but there’s no information about his background and credentials. Is he a physician? Was he professionally trained on nutrition? Who knows?

Having said that, let’s have a closer look on Magna Rx plus. What’s the main ingredients?

Pygeum: a natural remedy extracted from bark of African tree. Traditionally it’s used in treatment of benign prostatic hyperthropy, erectile dysfunction and as natural aphrodisiac.

Horny Goat Weed: in traditional medicine this herb has been used as sexual stimulant. A recent study in Italy reports that it shows potential in lab study as source new future drug to treat erectile dysfunction.

Maca Root: it can help to balance your hormones. In addition, it also helps to regulate sexual development and sexual function.

L-Arginine: this acid amino is known as a “vasodilator” – it dilates the blood vessels, thus allowing enhancing blood flow. It occurs naturally in many nuts, legumes, and seeds. However, according to nurition researcher David Barr, oral arginine supplementation doesn’t affect blood flow.

L-arginine can result in side effects such as gout, bloating, stomach upset, low blood pressure, allergies, blood abnormalities. (source: Webmd)

Magna Rx Plus side effects
Although Magna Rx Plus contain beneficial ingredients, the product is not well studied and do not have FDA approval. If you are under medication for bood pressure, diabetes, depression, please speak to your health care provider first before you approach any supplement.

So far, there’s no side effects reported for this product. Here are the two major complaints:
-unpleasant smell
-product doesn’t work as advertised
(Source: GNC and Drugstore reviews)

So there you have it: Magna Rx Plus in a nutshell. As you can see, there’s nothing special with this product to justify the price.

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