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MaxGentleman Pills Reviews of Red Flags: Scam Busted!

“The only male enlargement pills proven to work in clinical trials- gain-2 to 3 inches in average”.


I received numerous spam emails peddling Maxgentleman pills and the above statement is the claim. Curious, I opened the email and read what the spammers have to say. Apparently, this Maxgentleman pills can help patients to achieve gain of 1-4 inches with 4 months of supplementation. If I take Maxgentleman pills consistently for 8 months, will it add 8 inches to my package?

Anyone with common sense will tell you that it doesn’t work that way. In fact, this product appears to be well-designed scam capitalize on insecurity of men. Here’s a list of red flags I observe on the sales page of Maxgentleman pills:

#1. Lack of proof: Maxgentleman pills claim it is backed by clinical trials, but they don’t published the study to validate the effectiveness and efficacy. The product may contain beneficial ingredients, but none of the compounds can change your size.

Besides, the salespage said Maxgentleman pills are approved and recommended by doctors. The information of the doctors are not shown.

#2. Non-secured website: if you land on the order page, you will find that the webpage does not start with “https://”. When you surf on such webpages, the information of the website is not encrypted. Someone may into the computer and eavesdrop for valuable information, such as credit card number, log-in username and passwords. Quite simply, you should never make purchase on non-secured website! If you are not careful, you can become the victim of identity theft and lose tons of money in the process!

#3. Questionable marketing techniques: the Maxgentleman pills are promoted via spam emails. In many parts of the world, spamming is borderline illegal. A legitimate company would not employ this shady tactic to promote their products.

In addition, there’s no contact number and physical address listed on the site. The domain check shows that the site is hosted in Russia.

#4. As seen on TV: the product is not only featured on TV, but also on about.com, 60 Minutes, Yahoo and NBC. This is meaningless as anyone with money can place ads on those websites or TV.

#5. Before and after photo: the websites used photos to convince the visitors. However, anyone with good photo editing software can manipulate the photo. The  pictures are not the representation for the products’ effectiveness.

#6. Same old scam: According to Spamwiki, Maxgentleman Pills is sold on many different names,  including Herbal King, Dr. Maxman, Maxgain, Elite Herbal, and Gain Herbal. Simon Cox, reporter of BBC have conducted an investigation of the product in 2007. As it turns out, the pills contain no active ingredients. And, they can be obtained cheaply in India.

There are numerous complaints file against this spammer on consumer sites. Few customers of Dr. Maxman said they failed to obtain the products and they have been charged reportedly.

In summary, stay away from Maxgentleman pills. Alas, the sleazy salesmen will continue to spam you. If people stop buying their products, then perhaps they will go out of business and stop hammering  everyone. What you can do now is help spread the words!


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