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Maximize Male Enhancement Reviews and Side effects

Here we go again, another product labeled to be “the #1 trusted male enhancement product”. That’s right, the new kid on the supplement block is “Maximize Male Enhancement Formula”. Even more intriguing, it’s allegedly an effective penis enlargement pill.

Ever seen blue pills exploded on the market years ago, we are constantly bombarded by ads for products designed to enlarge your most prized organ. Again and again these products turn out to be flop, yet men continue to believe extravagant claims without any backup. Take a look on Maximize Male Enhancement formula, though it’s new, there are already more than 40 reviews posted on Amazon. The number of customers are definitely much higher than that!

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So… does Maximize Male Enhancement Formula really work? Doubtfully, here’s why:

#1. There’s no clinical proof to back up the health claims of the product. There’s no true science behind it! All scientific studies and research said no pills in this world can increase the size of penis. The only proven method is surgery, and it’s not only recommended for men with micro-penis (with length smaller than 3 inches).

#2. Maximize Male Enhancement Formula is a proprietary blend of ingredients. It doesn’t tell you how much you get from each ingredient. One capsule of Maximize pills contain 850 mg of 24 ingredients! Chances are, the formula contains very low level of active ingredients!

#3. Maximize pills contain Yohimbe. Although this bark is commonly available in male enhancement supplements, clinical evidence of increased sex drive (libido) is anecdotal only. Besides, the effective dosage has not been established, though doses greater than 100mg would be considered dangerous. As mentioned above, the exact amount of Yohimbe inside Maximize pill is not revealed, so we are not sure if the dosage is within acceptable level. (Source)

Note that higher dose of Yohimbe may result in side effects, including increased heart rate, headache, skin flushing, dizziness, panic attacks. Additionally, Yohimbe can interact with a large amount of neurological medications.

#4. Maximize pills contain DHEA, an important endogenous steroid hormone. A small study suggested that DHEA supplementation was associated with free testosterone levels. However, it’s unknown if DHEA is safe for long term use. High dose may result in these side effects: aggressiveness, irritability, trouble sleeping, raise the risk for heart disease, acne, liver problem, hair loss.

Other concern: the official website of Maximize Male Enhancement Formula does not say who’s behind it. I can’t find the company name, contact number, and address. Not too professional if you ask me.

As you can tell, Maximize Male Enhancement Formula is not the product I’d recommend at this moment.

What do you think? Have you tried this product?


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