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Maximizer Male Enhancement Pills Reviews and Side Effects: WARNING

A reader asked me what I think about “Maximizer Male Enhancement” pills by Core Cutter Plus so I decided to look at it. These days we don’t spend a lot of time reviewing male enhancement products as we’ve finally found the one secret formula that works (more on this later). At first glance, Maximizer appears to be another fly-by-night penis enlargement supplement created to capitalize on men’s insecurity. Here’s one of the “gems” I found on the sales page:

“Maximizer penis enlarger pills contains the necessary components to maximize the blood flow to the penis, in turn enlarging the penis in length and girth.”

This outrageous claim alone could be enough to get the maker of Maximizer pills in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission, just like what happened to Extenze and Enzyte years ago. The thing is: there’s no magic pill – drugs or herbal – can increase your penis size permanently. The maker of Maximizer male enhancement pills simply do not have any clinical proof to back up their advertising claims!

Alas, supplements industry is under-regulated in America. Specifically, FDA doesn’t have as much regulatory power over supplements as it does over drugs: supplements don’t have to prove efficacy, safety and effectiveness. Sometimes, the unregulated supplements may contain threatening side effects! According to the FDA:

“FDA has identified an emerging trend where over-the-counter products, frequently represented as dietary supplements, contain hidden active ingredients that could be harmful.”

If you still insist that Maximizer male enhancement pills is legit, you may want to review the other red flags:

#1. The ingredients are not listed. You won’t know what’s inside the product, and if it contains beneficial dose. It’s impossible to access the value, side effects, safety potential drug interactions for this product.

#2. The product is available via free trial offers. According to the fine print:
“This special offer sends you a full 30 day supply of Maximizer . You just have to pay for the 4.95 shipping charge and your trial bottle(s) will be delivered in just a few business days. You must cancel within 17 days or you will be charged the full price of 79.95 per bottle.”

Please be extra cautious for any product distributed via a free trial offer. More often than not, the offer is designed to add you to a monthly recurring billing program. It can be very difficult to make cancellation and obtain refund.

The maker of Maximizer Male Enhancement pills, Core Cutter Plus was found guilty for such practice. The company got a rating of “C-” on BBB. Here’s a typical complaint:


So what about the side effects: without knowing what’s inside Maximizer male enhancement pills, you really can’t evaluate its potential side effects and effectiveness.

So what’s the bottom line?
There you have it… a product with unsustainable claim and unknown ingredients, made by a questionable company. I highly recommend you to give Maximizer male enhancement pills a miss. Remember to only buy supplements from reputable company!

Top Recommendation: The only product that lives up to expectation and works as advertised is called Vigrx Plus. It’s the ONLY formula backed by human clinical studies, and it’s endorsed by real doctor (i.e. Dr. Steven Lamm, author of “The Hardness Factor” and guest of TV SHow “The View”). The formula is guaranteed to let you achieve rock hard erection that looks and feel bigger for your partner! Think about it… a raging hard-on is all you need to bring her to new height. It’s not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean!

What’s more.. the maker of Vigrx Plus is so confident in their product, they will give you full refund if you are not 100% satisfied.

And… because you are my awesome reader, I’ve arrange a special deal for you: order via this link, and you can enjoy exclusive 10% off!

BUT… don’t ever consider taking Vigrx Plus if you are really happy with your mediocre, boring sex lives.

Take a look what Dr. Lamm has to say about this product

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