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Menhancer Reviews and Side Effects: Warning!

Menhancer, which hit the shelves in the UK, is claimed to be “sexual performance supplements with herbal extracts, amino acids and caffeine”. That’s right: it’d get you roll in the hay. According to the official website, Menhancer is a fasting-acting supplement, and you can expect results from as little as 30 minutes after taking the capsules!

Well, I have to say, the claims made for Menhancer is rather typical for male enhancement product. Here our team regularly reviews male supplements and only few work as advertised. Most male supplements probably won’t hurt you, but you shouldn’t expect miracle either. Case in point, Menhacer allegedly “works by giving you a caffeine boost”. If it really does, we should be drinking coffee instead!

If you are in rush, take a look on side by side comparison between Menhancer and our top pick, Vigrx Plus:

 MenhancerVigrx Plus
Clinically ProvenNOYES
Doctor EndorsedNOYES
Genuine TestimonialsNOYES
Money Back GuaranteeUnknownYES
Proven IngredientsYESYES
Rating*To be definedHighly Recommended
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So what’s inside Menhacer?

The ingredients list include: L-arginine, Theobromine, Guarana, Cayennne, Caffeine and Korean Ginseng. These ingredients may benefit your sexual health, but there’s nothing new or interesting about the formula. As well, note that the content appears to be proprietary blend. Specifically, we don’t know the exact ratio and amount of each ingredient inside the formula. In other words, we can’t be sure if this formula contains effective dose.

Possible side effects: Menhancer is probably safe for most people. The caffeine and Ginseng in this formula may result in insomnia. Also, Arginine may interact with high blood pressure drugs. Remember: whenever in doubt, consult your doctor before you approach any supplement.

Other concern: This product is not backed by clinical studies. The long term side effects and effectiveness are not well accessed. Besides, there’s no money back guarantee.

Customer reviews: This product received rating of 2.5 out of 5. Here’s what a customer said:
“Didn’t do a thing for me; didn’t even raise a smile. Save your money.” (source)

So what’s the bottom line?

As you can tell, there’s not much I like about Menhancer. It seems like a “OK” product, though not one that I’d recommend whole heartedly.


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