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Neosize XL Reviews and Side effects: does it work?

Neosize XL is said to be the “safest option for penis enlargement”. According to the official website, you can “enlarge penis by 3-4 inches” and “increase penis girth” by 20%. Wow!

Of course, Neosize XL must be good, as it is an “award winning formula”. What’s more, the spokesperson, Dr.Marco Basti said that Neosize XL is a “clinically tested, doctor approved penis enlargement product.”

Unfortunately, these advertising claims don’t mean squat. If Neosize XL really works as advertised, it would be featured on every major news site, be patented by pharmaceutical company , every men and his dog will be taking it! The truth is, no pills in this world can enlarge your penis. Despite the hype, you will not find any clinical evidence to support the claims behind Neosize XL. There’s not a whole lot of information about Dr. Marco Basti either. I am willing to be that the only thing Neosize XL will make bigger is the bank account of its marketers.

You must be wondering: how can the marketers get away with these misleading claims? It’s because dietary supplements like Neosize XL is not strictly regulated by the FDA. The manufacturers of the dietary supplements are responsible for the accuracy of product claims.

Check out the side-by-side comparison between Neosize XL vs Vigrx Plus, our top pick:


Neosize XL ingredients
So.. what’s in Neosize XL?
Neosize XL is said to be a “natural” solution, consists of nine time tested herbal plant extracts. Now don’t let the word “natural” fool you – it doesn’t mean the product is effective or safe. Most of the ingredients are used in Ayurvedic medicine, and few are proven t be beneficial in clinical studies on rats. The key ingredients include:

Tribulus Terrestris: it’s a key ingredient in many testosterone boosters and male enhancement pills. Many believe it can increase muscle mass and boost testosterone. However, a recent study reported in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology did not find any measurable differences in testosterone levels between those taking the supplement and placebo group.
Hygrophila (asteracantha longifolia): the plant is native to India. traditionally, it’s used as sexual enhancer. Early studies on lab rats show it may enhance libido. (source)

Mucuna Prupriens (Velvet bean):it has been shown to improve dopamine levels in rats.
Note that there’s currently no enough clinical data available to recommend therapeutic dose for the ingredients of Neosize XL. Their long term safety, side effects and medical interactions are not known.

So what’s the bottom line? keep your money. Taking Neosize XL will not do anything do your size.


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