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Nitroxpansion and MaleFormulaXL Reviews: Total BS!

What do you do with a vast number of desperate men who are not happy with their size?

That’s right.. an opportunity to capitalize their insecurity and make big moolah!

Sorry to be rude, but that’s my first reaction when I checked out an ad featuring Nitroxpansion and MaleFormulaXL. According to the advertising claims, you can stack Nitroxpansion with Maleformulaxl to increase penis size permanently! Now for the record, I’ve never heard of any penis enlargement pills that work. None of the products live up to the expectation, including Nitroxpansion and Maleformulaxl. These products give unfounded hopes to unsuspecting men who are not happy with their private department. Unfortunately, they are not heavily regulated. The FDA just doesn’t regulate these pills strictly like prescription drugs.

Having said that, let’s take a look what’s inside Nitroxpansion and Maleformulaxl:

Nitroxpansion: it’s said to be “revolutionary muscle building supplement designed to increase nitric oxide in the body”. Nitroxpansion claimed to increase nitric oxide in the body by relaxing the muscle around your blood vessels. A 30 day supply cost $84.95. However, the maker of Nitroxpansion does not disclose the ingredients list of the product. The official website vaguely suggest it contains L-arginine. This amino acid is widely used in weight loss and body building supplements as it’s believed to enhance blood flow. Nonetheless, Arginine must be approached with caution. According to Mayo Clinic, Arginine use was associated with death in certain group of heart patients. The problem is, we are not sure if L-arginine content inside Nitroxpansion is within safety level or not!

MaleformulaXL: apparently MaleformulaXL is “scientific answer to small man” and it’s recommended by doctors. Interestingly, you can’t find any doctor’s information on official website. What’s more, there’s no clinical evidence to support the outrageous claims. Similarly, the company behind MaleformulaXL refuses to let you know what’s inside MaleformulaXL. If you are interested, you are invited to sign up for the free trial. The small print says that you must cancel within trial period (14 days), or they will charge you repeatedly for monthly orders. The problem is, it’s very difficult to make cancellation most of the time. And, 14 days is simply not enough to test a product!

Other problems with Nitroxpansion and MaleformulaXL: I can’t find the company name and contact information. The registrar for official domain name is not disclosed. Also, there’s no money back guarantee.

So what’s the verdict?
Nitroxpansion and MaleformulaXL appear to be fly-by-night products. I’d advise you to look for a more robust formula – with useful ingredients, proven formula from a legitimate company company!


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