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Nubuu Detox Foot Patches Reviews: a Scam?

What is Nuubu? Nubuu is the new detox patch that promised to remove toxins from your body naturally. According to the advertising claim, Nuubu is designed by top Japanese specialists, and the magic formula inside the foot patches is passed on by generations to promote holistic healing.

How does Nuubu work? Nubuu allegedly contains herbal ingredients such as Loquat leaf, Bamboo vinegar, Detrix, Anion, Tourmaline, Wood Vinegar, and Vitamin C. You are required to attach the detox foot patch for 6-8 hours and it’s best to apply before sleep. After first use, you will observe discoloration on the patch. According to the company, this shows that the dirt and toxins of your body have been absorbed by Nubuu.

Does Nuubu really work? Despite the marketing claims, there’s no clinical evidence to prove that detox foot pads work. Its safety and reliability are also not verified. In the past, the FTC has charged promoters of the “Kinoki” detox foot pad for deceptive advertising.

Specifically, as seen on the ad of Kinoki: “the food pads could remove toxins, metabolic wastes, heavy metals, and chemicals from the body; treat headaches, depression, parasites, fatigue, insomnia, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, cellulite, and a weakened immune system; and cause weight loss.”. The FTC charged that these advertising claims were false and unsupported. [Source]

Also, it’s unclear if the ingredients of foot patches can be absorbed through the skin. The discoloration showed on the pad after use is not heavy metal or toxins from your body. Instead, a substance in the pad darkens when it reacts with the moisture from your sweat.

In 2008, the NMS Labs has conducted a toxicology testing to analyzed used detox foot pads of eight participants. They found no toxins or heavy metals.

Nuubu is said to be ISO compliant, EC certified, and compliant with EC medical Device Directive requirements. However, the maker of Nuubu does not present the related seal on their websites.

The alternative? Your body is capable of removing toxins through sweat, feces, urine, and liver. You do not need any detox products.

Refund policy: The customers of Nuubu can return the package for refund or replacement within 30 days (from the day the product is shipped). Note that you are only eligible for a refund/return if you receive a damaged product, or it’s an incorrect item.

Bottom line? the ultimate “detox” solution is the lifestyle consists of healthy balanced diet, regular exercise and adequate sleep.

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