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Nutroxyn Reviews: Does it Really Work?

Nutroxyn seems like a dream come true for men. It promised to help you last longer in bed, increase semen volume, intensify orgasm, prevent premature ejaculation. It is said to be produced with fast-acting penis expansion technology. So.. are they telling us that you can increase the size of your manhood with Nutroxyn?

What is Nutroxyn? An in-depth look at its ingredients
According to the claims behind Nutroxyn, the product is made with all-natural herbal ingredients tested in third-party labs. Let’s take a look at the available research for some of the key ingredients:

L-arginine: it’s an amino acid that helps your body to build protein. As L-arginine acts as a vasodilator (to open blood vessels) and a natural precursor of nitric oxide, it’s commonly used in the treatment of heart conditions and erectile dysfunction.

In a recent study on PMC, the combination therapy of 2.5g Arginine and 5mg tadalafil once a day shows promising results to treat patients with mild and severe ED (erectile dysfunction).

A study published in the Journal of Psychosexual Health concluded that positive evidence is available for the efficacy of L-arginine and its various combinations, but the sample size is very small.

If you have low blood pressure, you should be extra careful with L-arginine supplementation as it may cause your blood pressure to drop.

Horny Goat Weed: it’s a Chinese tonic herb. It’s allegedly a powerful aphrodisiac. It’s gaining popularity in the west as an early lab study shows that Horny Goat Weed contains substances that may promote male erection. The related research [1][2] is limited in number and the quality of human study is lacking. The long-term effectiveness and side effects of this herb are unproven.

Tongkat Ali: it’s a shrubby tree commonly that can be found in the rainforest of Malaysia and Indonesia. Traditionally, the native used it to improve sexual health, and as medicine for aging, cancer, diabetes, fever, leukemia, stress management, and much more. A review published on PubMed concluded that “Tongkat Ali may have a clinical effect on erectile dysfunction”. Similar to most ED supplements, more studies are needed to support current evidence.

But perhaps even more worrying is the contamination in Tongkat Ali products. It’s found that 26% of products tested in a Malaysia study contains excessive level of mercury.

Saw Palmetto: it’s commonly used in treatment for enlarged prostate. In recent years, Saw Palmetto found its way into dietary supplements for men because it is said to be a powerful testosterone enhancer. Contrary to the popular belief, Saw Palmetto is not clinically proven to boost your testosterone level.

Nonetheless, a study conducted on 120 patients with BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, or commonly known as enlargement prostate) show that Saw Palmetto therapy exhibited positive side effects on sexual function.

As you can see, Nutroxyn contains ingredients that are commonly seen in libido-enhancing pills and dietary supplements for erectile dysfunction. Some ingredients may exhibit promising results in early studies and traditional use, but their effective dose is not well established.

As well, like all over-the-counter supplements, Nutroxyn is not regulated by the FDA. Its long-term side effects and safety are not known.

Who made Nutroxyn?
We verified the domain name using Whois tool. The company profile is kept private. The domain nutroxyn.com is newly registered in July 2021 in Reykyavik.

The contact number listed is: 1-844-749-1164

How much is Nutroxyn?
In the meantime, you can enroll in their free trial program with a small shipping fee ($4.96). If you do not cancel the free trial in 14 days (from the date of order), you will be automatically enrolled in a subscription program where you will be charged $89.98 every 30 day for new supply.

Bottom line Nutroxyn sure sounds like the ultimate solution to your bedroom issues, but it’s probably not a smart move to put something into your body before speaking to your doctor.

Dealing with your issues
Most of the male-enhancing supplements do not work as you wish. Some may contain herbs to help you last longer, but the effects are mostly anecdotal. Also, no supplements in this world can add inches to your manhood. If there’s one, every guy would be hung like a horse. Guys would be walking around with their Johnson in wheelbarrow.

Instead, be happy with what you have because insecurity is so unattractive. If you think you are short, learn how to satisfy her with proper positions and foreplay. Read books, get fit, communicate with your partners, and don’t waste money on unproven pills.

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