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Prolargex Reviews and Side effects

According to the product advertising, Prolargex “promotes erection that are bigger, thicker, harder, and longer”. It’s made by Lab88, who is also the company behind “Irexis”. The two featured ingredients are : Tongkat Ali and Orchic extract. These are said to be the two of the most innovative erectile ingredients available.

Is that so? Let’s take a look on Prolargex’s ingredient profile…

Made from cattle testicles, Orchic extract is often touted as good source of testosterone. However, there’s insufficient evidence to back up the claim. There’s not a whole lot of reliable information about the safety and side effects of Orchic extract. According to Webmd,

“since orchic extract preparations are made from animals, there is a concern about contamination with diseased animal parts.”

Additionally, the effective dose of Orchic extract is not clinically determined. (source)

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Another key ingredient, Tongkat Ali is commonly used as aphrodisiac in male enhancement pills. Few studies in human and animal concludes it might boost testosterone in the body, though more clinical evidence is needed to rate its effectiveness as sexual enhancer. Likewise, the appropriate dose of Tongkat Ali has not been established.

Prolargex also contains Maca, L-arginine, Ginseng Blend, and proprietary blend of 24 ingredients. Note that in each serving, the blend is 745 mg. With label dressing like this, you can’t tell the precise amount of each ingredient, or if Prolargex contains optimal dosage to elicit effects to your body.

The good thing is that Prolargex doesn’t claim to be 100% safe. As mentioned on the official website, Prolargex “should not be taken by people with diabetes or those taking antidepressant drugs. Since Tongkat Ali boosts testosterone levels; men with cancer, heart, kidney or liver diseases or sleep apnea should consult their doctor.”

As you can see, Prolargex is hardly a innovative formula. The claims are not backed by clinical evidence. Having said that, it probably won’t hurt you, though there’s really not much point in experimenting with this formula.


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