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Prolong Male Enhancement Reviews: Yay or Nay?

According to the advertisement I read, Prolong male enhancement pill can

“helps attain ultimate sexual performance.”

What’s more, it is said to be “developed by a team of medical doctors in partnership with fitness professionals.However, the names and background of the doctors are not revealed. Is Prolong pills formulated by real medical doctors in related field? Without these information, the term “doctor endorsements” means next to nothing!

[Note: on rare occasions, few quality products do actually have genuine M.D. behind it. Such is the case with a male supplement called Vigrx Plus, which we highly recommended. The product is also endorsed by Dr. Steven Lamm and it’s also backed by clinical studies).

Besides, there are other red flags:

#1. On the salespage of Prolong male enhancement pills (tryprolong.com), there appear to be three security seals (Hackersafe, VerisignSecured & McAFee Secure). The problem is that none of the seals are clickable! When you can’t clickthrough to verify the validity of the security seals, that is usually a sign that a site is fraudulent!

#2. According to the sales page, Prolong is proprietary blend of 14 potent ingredients. The exact amount of core ingredients are not revealed. We also can’t be sure if they are present in effective dose.

#3. The product description of Prolong is very similar to Blackbull and Hardknight supplements.

#4. Beware of the free trial scam: the free sample of Prolong is available online, with $2.99 charge shipping charge. Of course, you are required to pay the shipping fee with credit card, and that is exactly what the retailers want: your credit card information. At the same time, you will be enrolled in recurring billing program. If you don’t cancel within 14 day trial period, the company will charge you $129.99 every month for new products. Most of the time, it’s very difficult to make cancellation and obtain refund.

So what’s the bottom line?

All I can say is that I wouldn’t spend money on an unproven product such as Prolong. In addition, I’d recommend you to stay away from free trials offer that ask for your credit card information.

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