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Prolongz 2017 Analysis and Reviews: What’s wrong?

Prolongz is heavily advertised on TV as “FDA registered over-the-counter homeopathic drug” (what is that, really?) that will help you to last longer in bed. According to the instructions, all you need to do is to take 1 strip twice a day, and 1 strip 30 minutes prior to the deed. Before you know it, you can have longer lasting sex!

Unfortunately, though Prolongz sounds like attractive solutions to your bedroom trouble, it’s nothing but another unproven product. It’s claimed to be clinically proven, but extensive internal and database researches for any clinical studies for Prolongz reveal no result. As well, there are only two ingredients inside Prolongz: Ginseng and Damiana extract. These herbs are commonly found in sexual enhancers, but more evidence is needed to validate their effectiveness.

This is picture of the label I found on official website of Prolongz. So Prolongz is said to be “drug”, but a quick search on FDA drug database found no result for this “drug”. Could this be an error or a lie?


How much does Prolongz cost?
If you are interested to buy Prolongz, you can go to the official website and sign up for free trial offers. You pay only the shipping cost ($4.95) and you will receive 1 month supply. Here’s the catch: if you do not cancel within 15 days, they will charge you $69.95 every month for new supply. Sure enough, they say you can cancel anytime by calling their customer service number at 877-404-4686. Few customers found it difficult to make cancellation and recoup refund. (see here and here)

The bottom line
I can’t justify a reason to start purchase Prolongz. It’s just me but I’d rather stick to product which is both clinically proven and endorsed by doctor. What’s more, it merely cost around $41 per month (if you order 12 month supply). You can also try risk free for two months. Check it out!

Finally.. if you are not happy with your size, here’s a tip for you:


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