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Pure Muscle X Scam Reviews: Don’t Waste Your Money

Pure Muscle X is the latest muscle-building supplements. This product is allegedly revolutionary, you can literally pop back few pills and start seeing quick boost in muscle growth. What’s more, it is the male enhancement holy grail. According to the advertising claims, Pure Muscle X can boost your libido and increase stamina for longer-lasting performance. So the question is: should you invest in Pure Muscle X?

The answer is: Pure Muscle X is bullshit. DO NOT buy it.


That’s right, I said it. Most online reviews of Pure Muscle X tell you the opposite because they are written by affiliate who get paid to do so. The thing is: the claims behind Pure Muscle X are not backed by any real scientific research. Pure Muscle X is not going to make you slim and muscular, easily and quickly delivering the body of your dream. It won’t make you a sex machine either. Pure Muscle X, or any other supplement is not the answer to muscle growth.

Not convinced? Let’s take a look of the ingredients profile.

First off, it’s important to note that the exact amount of each ingredient (and the potency) is not revealed. You can’t really tell if Pure Muscle X contain effective dosage to benefit its users. The key ingredients include:

L-arginine: L-arginine is an essential amino acid found in the diet. L-arginine is commonly used in supplements because it is touted to enhance muscle growth. Theoretically, L-arginine helps to increase amount of nitric oxide in your blood, thus resulting in more oxygen and muscle building amino delivery to your muscle. However, related studies show mixed results. There are studies with positive results [1] [2] and also studies showing no net effects [3]. A study [4] titled “The Arginine Paradox” concluded that L-arginine supplementation may actually lead to impaired Nitric Oxide production. In short, L-arginine works for some people but not others. More studies are needed to confirm its benefit.

The standard pre-workout dose for L-arginine is 3-6g. [5]

Glutamine: is an amino acid used in the biosynthesis of proteins. It’s often marketed as muscle-building supplement, but it has not been proven effective in healthy individuals. A Canada study concluded that “glutamine supplementation during resistance training has no significant effect on muscle performance” [6].

Deceiving Seals
On the order page, you’ll also see badges like “Truste Verified”, “Norton Secured”, “McAfee Secure”. If these seals are legitimate, you should be able to click through the image and be redirected to the third party website that provides the accreditation. However, the seals displayed on Pure Muscle X website are not click-able. In other words, the advertiser is lying: this website is not secured as it claimed to be!

The company behind Pure Muscle X
According to the ad, free bottles of Pure Muscle X are available for free. You only need to pay for postage and packaging fee for the trial period of 14 days. However, you may overlook the hidden small print: if you do not cancel within trial period, you will be billed an extraordinarily high price – in this case $89.95 every 30 days, and you will be charged up to 12 months!

You may think that you can always contact customer support to demand cancellation and refund, right? Maybe not. The company behind Pure Muscle X is called Bluebreath Investments Limited. They are the same company behind questionable products like Vimax, Pur Essence and Tru Visage. These products have one thing in common: dubious claims. People are having unpleasant experience with the company’s “free trials” and its customer service. You can refer to the many complaints here[7] and here[8].

In 2015, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is advising consumers not to purchase or use Vimax because it is found to contain hidden drug ingredients [9].

Bottom line?

As mentioned earlier, you should stay away from Pure Muscle X, and anything that is produced by its fly-by-night maker!

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What if you have been scammed?
First off, contact your bank and ask them to stop the charges immediately. Then, contact the company at 1-415-689-3806 to request for cancellation and ask for refund.

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