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Ron Jeremy Sex Pills: What You Need to Know

Ron Jeremy is an adult actor who is well known for his size. In the past few years, he is busy peddling wide array of sex enhancement pills on internet. The products include: Stamina RX, Enzyte, Naturally Huge, Longinexx, to name a few. The advertisement will have you to believe that you those magic pills is the secrets of Mr. Jeremy. Consumers, desperate to increase their penis size, are willing to dispel any doubts and buy on his recommendation. They believe that they can be well-endowed like Mr. Jeremy by popping the pills.

That’s not the case!

To begin with, no pills in this world can effectively increase the size of your manhood! Think about it: if such formula exist, then most guys in this world will hung like a horse. And, you will hear about it from the news channel instead of some sleazy salesmen.

The truth is, the big companies behind the penis pills paid big dollars to Ron Jeremy for the endorsement. At such, his recommendation may not have your (consumers) best interest in mind. Whether or not he tried and tested the product is another story.

On Mr. Jeremy’s website (Sex Pills Guru), he published laboratory reports of selected male enhancement products. Most of the products tested are found to contain beneficial ingredients. However, they appear to be no different from over-the-counter male supplements, which are available at lower price. Another question is: when consumed orally, can the active ingredients bypass the acidic environment in stomach to be absorbed by the body? Are the products made with good bio-availability?

In addition, Mr. Jeremy suggested 6 tips to getting a bigger penis. I must say that the information outlined can help to enhance erection and improve penile health. Then again, none of the strategy can make your package bigger.

Ron Jeremy’s secret? Penis size is genetic, and Ron Jeremy one lucky dude who inherit good gene. Who says life’s fair?

Are you really small? Odds are, you are bigger than you think. According to a study published in Journal of Urology, only men with flaccid length of less than 4 cm, or erection length of less than 7.5 cm should consider penile lengthening.

In closing, you should approach celebrity endorsement with grain of salts. It should not be substitute for common sense and due diligence.
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