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Shinyakoso Night Diet Enzyme Reviews: Does it Work?

Shinyakoso Night Diet Enzyme is one of the best-selling weight loss supplements from Japan. Shinyakoso allegedly contains fast-acting enzyme that can help you to inhibit fat absorption and strengthen fat metabolism in your sleep.

How does Shinyakoso works? According to the product description, Shinyakoso is made with active enzyme produced by fermenting grains with Koji. The tablet form allows for better absorption, thus allowing enzymes to remain active and are able to break down lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins.

The maker of Shinyakoso is Dr.Hiromi Shinya, a Japanese gastroenterologist renowned for the invention of colonoscopes. Dr Shinya is also the author of the best-selling book “Living without Disease: A Miracle Enzyme Determines Life”. He says that it’s difficult to adequate enzymes from food sources.

Shinyakoso Enzyme: does it really work?
Despite all the hype, the clinical evidence supporting the claims behind the product is lacking. A quick search on Pubmed (National Library of Medicine) with the product name “Shinyakoso” and Dr. Hiromi Shinya yields no result. It’s possible that the clinical data is only available in Japanese. If anyone have a related source, be a darling and inform me. I will update it here immediately.

As a matter of fact, it’s unclear if enzyme supplements can aid weight loss. Rachael Link, a dietitian from Healthline says that “digestive enzyme may not directly boost weight loss”. According to Dr. Christopher Labos, digestive enzymes won’t help you to lose weight, and they may actually have the opposite effects.

In a study published on PMC (US National Library of Medicine), enzyme supplementation may be beneficial to several digestive and malabsorption disorders (eg. Lactose intolerance and cystic fibrosis). However, the weight management benefit is not evaluated.

Caution on enzyme supplements: Most of the over-the-counter enzyme supplements have not been evaluated for their long-term safety and effectiveness. They are also not regulated by the FDA. As well, the correct dose depends on your age, weight and other factors.

Pricing: $33.88 / box (contains 30 servings)

The bottom line: More research is needed to determine if Shinyakoso Night Diet enzyme is the right supplement for you when it comes to weight management. If you need to shed off those extra pounds, you are better off speaking to your doctor for a safer and healthy approach.

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