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Sizetrac Extender Reviews: Does it work?

Sizetrac extender claimed to be “the only penis enlargement product that are clinically proven to provide guaranteed results”. Before I come across this product, the only effective enlargement method I am aware of is surgery. Sizetrac is priced at $199.00 (basic package), it certainly sounds like a steal, doesn’t it? All you have to do is wear the Sizetrac device for hours a day, and voila! Your asset is longer and wider!

Yeah, right.

Frankly speaking, I am not such a big fan of penis extender. I don’t like the idea of attaching traction device on penis for hours every day. Speaking from my experience and many others, size is overrated. What you really need is good supplement to improve sexual performance and erection quality.

Having said that, few small studies have reported growth of up to an inch in length with penis extenders. So, this stuff may work. The thing is, no studies have been performed on this product, nor is there any clinical evidence to validate the claims. According to the official site of Sizetrac extender, it is “recommended by physicians from 29 countries”, but there’s no information about these physicians.

The guys behind Sizetrac extender
I came to know that Sizetrac extender is developed by medical doctor Dr. Eduardo A. Gomez de Diego, who is allegedly an expert in penis lengthening. Coincidentally, the founder of Andromedical penis extender share the same name! Or, they are in fact the same person?

Besides, here’s no contact information of the company on official site of Sizetrac extender, and the information of domain registrar is kept hidden too – big red flag here. Why so mysterious?

After some digging, I found the contact information on Better Business Bureau:

Phone: (760) 505-92344952 Warner Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Bottom line

Sizetrac extender is not only high priced, it’s unproven as well. For these reasons, I am not going to recommend it for the mean time. I’ve said it and I am going to say again: it’s not the size of the boat it’s the motion of the ocean. If you are looking for a proven product to actually improve your sexual performance and erection quality, you should check out Vigrx Plus. It’s the doctor-endorsed male enhancement product backed by clinical studies, see details here and check out the limited time only 10% off.

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