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Spartagen XT Reviews: Gimmick or Miracle?

Spartagen XT comes with some pretty bold claims to be the best testosterone booster in the market. It’s said to be far more superior than other competing products like Battle Fuel, Nugenix, Test X 180, and Angless Male. For the record, there are no supplements that will boost your testosterone level to any meaningful extent. If your sex drive is plummeting, there can be many reasons. The root of problems may not be hormone related. Instead, you need to target the root cause!

Anyhow… what is Spartagen XT? Does it work as advertised? Read on if you are wondering whether taking Spartagen XT can help you to improve sex life.

What’s Spartagen XT?
According to the claims on its official , Spartagen XT is said to be “number #1 male performance”, though no real effort is made to explain why this product is rated at such. It also contains “Red Magic Potent Libido Booster”. Again, the maker of Spartagen XT did not explain what is “Red Magic” formula and how it can help potential customers.

The ingredients of Spartagen XT include: Tongkat Ali, Tribulus, Vitamin B6, Vitamin D, Magnesium. These are fairly common ingredients found in most male enhancement and testosterone-boosting supplements. Note that there have been no studies that show a direct correlation between the use of Tribulus and an increase in natural testosterone. Another herb, Tongkat Ali may improve the quality and concentration of sperm in interfile men (source: Webmd).

I also wish to point out that despite the outrageous claims, there’s no clinical evidence to verify the effectiveness of Spartagen XT. Sure.. the manufacturer claimed that “each batch randomly tested for quality, purity and potency”, but where’s the proof? Have the results always been positive? Does the product interact with any drug?
The questions remain unanswered.

Beware of the catch
Spartagen XT is priced as followed:
1 month supply: $69
3 month supply: $177
6 month supply: $294
When you place your order, remember to uncheck the box for “Keep your edge exclusive coaching sessions” unless you are really sure you want to sign up for the course. This course would cost you $80 every month until you make cancellation. The checkbox is located at the bottom of order page and I guess most people will overlook the statement!

In addition, there are few online security seals on the order page, but NONE of the seals are clickable! In other words, the website has not been verified legitimate by third-party! This is deceiving and it aroused suspicion…

Who’s behind Spartagen XT? The produced is said to be “engineered” by “Edge Bioactives”. There’s not a lot of information about this company. Here’s the contact information:

Address: Suite 108, 725 River Road, Edgewater, New Jersey, 07020
Phone: 1-800-458-4634

Bottom line?
Obviously, it’d be difficult for me to recommend this product. Again, if your main issue is sex drive and sex performance, get the right solution. It’s a good product manufactured by ethical company and it’s endorsed by medical doctors.

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