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Don’t Fall for Superior Muscle X and Superior Text X!

336x280-AGR-246The snake oil salesman are at it again: flooding the ad networks with “lean muscle in a bottle” ads for miraculous muscle building supplements, IE. Superior Muscle X and Superior Text X. According to the advertising claims, these products can help you to get 6 pack abs in just 1 month. What’s more, no intense exercise and special diet required!

So… should you consider these magic pills?

Nope. I highly recommend you to keep your cash or look elsewhere.

Granted, I’ve not tested Superior Muscle X or Superior Text X, but there are telling signs that lead to my conclusion. Consider the following problems:

#1. The marketers behind Superior Muscle X and Superior Text X are using phony magazine sites to peddle their products. The sites supposedly publish independent third party reviews on muscle building supplements. In reality, these are pitch pages and the claims are not true. And in case you are not convinced, none of the links on the sites work – except for the ones lead to order page.

This scam is not new. Try typing the following phrase “lean muscle in a bottle? Get 6 pack abs in just 1 month” in major search engines and you will find more than 700,000 results of these sites, including “Muscle Health Today”, “Men Fitness News”, “Healthy Journal”. Most of these sites feature same story about a fake reporter’s positive experience with the muscle building supplements. The name changes, the products change, but the story is identical.

#2. The claims behind Superior Muscle X and Superior Text X are not backed by clinical evidence. In addition, the retailers didn’t seem to be too interested in providing a listing of ingredients anywhere. Therefore, there’s no way you can verify the effectiveness of these supplements.

#3. The monthly supply for Superior Muscle X is $98.63, and $89.99 for Superior Text X. It is insanely expensive for unproven products like these! Besides, there’s no other way to order the products other than through their free trial offers. To receive “free bottles”, you have to pay $4.95 for shipping and handling. According to the fine print, you have 14 days to evaluate the product. After that, you will be billed every month for new supply until you cancel. However, most people do not read the fine print and they have no clue they will be billed repeatedly!

And… the company behind Superior Muscle is also promotes “Ripped Muscle X” and “Ripped Muscle Xtreme”. As well, the company offers “risk-free trials” for “Ripped Muscle X” and “Ripped Muscle Xtreme” for cost of shipping and handling. However, there are many complaints from angry customers who said they have been scammed. Complaints show that customers experience difficulties in canceling payments. As well, these products did not seem to work as advertised.

As you can see, there’s absolutely no reason to justify an experiment with Superior Muscle X and Superior Test X.

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  • michael foley July 22, 2016, 1:14 am

    I was informed I could get a bottle of both products shipped for free with no shipping and handling to my po box 444 black rock ar 72415 and when I clicked those links I got nothing

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