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Tentigo Performance System Review and Analysis: Does it work?

So.. Tentigo Performance System formula is said to be the powerful testosterone booster that can “build lean muscle and increase your sexual energy” in just two weeks! What’s more, the product is beneficial to your muscle building, heart health, memory and sleep quality.

Yeah.. right!

The marketing effort of Tentigo suggest that low libido in men is linked to low testosterone. However, it’s unclear if testosterone boosting supplements can help to lift libido. According to Mayo Clinic, there aren’t many scientifically rigorous studies to prove that supplements work in men who already have healthy levels of testosterone (source).

In addition, there are other red flags:
#1. The salespage of Tentigo uses fake security seals (at the bottom of the page). A real security seal will link to a trusted third party website (eg. TRUSTe) or pop up window, and show people verified contact information of the business or website. The security seals Tentigo salespage is non-clicakble! Ask yourself: do you want to trust a website that needs to steal security seals?

#2. There’s no clinical evidence to back up the outrageous claims made by the maker of Tentigo The long term effectiveness and side effects remained unknown.

#3. The ingredients of Tentigo are not known. We are not sure if this formula contains effective dosage.
#4. For an unproven product such as Tentigo, the price is way too expensive (one bottle of 60 pills for $150). When you consider that you can get one month supply of a clinically proven product for $77, Tentigo is way overpriced!

Bottom line: keep your cash. Chances are, Tentigo won’t transform your sex life. If you have clinically low testosterone level, consult your doctor for possible treatment.

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