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Titanium Pro x and Adrenalast Combo: Fraud Alert!

336x280-AGR-246How would you like to get 6 pack abs in just 1 month? All you need to do is to take Titanium Pro X and Adrenalast Combo. This “clinically proven” combo is used by celebrities like Ryan Reynolds and Gerald Butler to lose significant amount of body fat and pack on the muscle mass. The good news is: the deadly combo is now available on the internet, though you’d better hurry, as offer expires TODAY!

Uh, yeah.

Let me get this straight: do not fall for Titanium Pro X and Adrenalast Combo. There’s simply no real science behind the combo. Sure, the ad have you to believe that these products are developed by US military for their special forces and celebrities. However, you would be hard pressed to find any clinical evidence to validate effectiveness of the products.

In addition, the ad also talked about how tester from “Mens Health” magazine was able to gain 1 stone (14 pounds, or 6.3 kg) in just one month, using Titanium Pro X and Adrenalast, without hitting the gym! Again, where’s the proof? A smart reader like you know that you can gain one pound (at most) of muscle per week – even with the best training program and diet! If these products are as good as they claim, they would be all over the news and be patented by major pharmaceutical company. But they don’t, because they are not what the ads claimed to be.

Now let’s take a close look on the products profile:

Titanium Pro X: it’s said to be muscle enhancing supplement. Despite the bell and whistle, there’s very little information about the product. The ingredients are not disclosed, so there’s no way we can examine the its effectiveness, safety and side effects. This is a major red flag, as you have no idea what you are putting into your body!

Adrenalast: it’s its alleged to be “#1 testosterone booster”. The ingredients listed are: Longjack, Horny Goat Weed, Korean Ginseng Extract, Tribulus Terrestris, maca, monkey’s head hericium extract. These nutrients may provide insignificant boost to your bottom test level, but it’s not going to be high enough to directly enhance muscle hypertrophy and gym performance. Furthermore, we don’t know if Adrenalast contains effective dosage of each nutrient. Interestingly, the salespage of Adrenalast is very similar to Text Force Extreme, another questionable products.

Who is behind Titanium Pro X and Adrenalast?
On the salespage of both Titanium Pro X and Adrenalast, you can’t find the address and company profile of the makers. However, with a little digging we found that their number (1-888-563-0374) is also associated with products like African Mango Metaburn, Advanced African Mango and AdvMeta. There appear to be many complaints against these products, particularly African Mango Metaburn (see link). Apparently many unsuspecting costumers were ripped off with bogus “free-trial” offers.

As mentioned earlier, Titanium Pro X and Adrenalast appear to be endorsed by “Men’s Health” magazine. The truth is, the maker behind these products is using the logo of Men’s Health without their permission. If you take a closer look of the URL, it does not include “menshealth.com/” or “news.menshealth.com/”.

Often both Titanium Pro X and Adrenalast are featured on sites with “special report”, with fake story of how an editor of “Men’s Health” uses the products to achieve amazing results. If you google the title in exact phrase

“How to get 6 pack abs in just 1 month using these 2 muscle supplements that celebrities use”

you will come out with 30,000 (at the date of writing) of web pages. The name changes, the products change, but the story and layout are very similar. Almost all of these websites are not legitimate reviews!

So what’s the bottom line?
Do not fall for these products. What’s more, the marketing approach of the company is highly misleading. If you really want to boost testosterone, lose body fat and gain muscle, it’s best to do it naturally!

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