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Vega 100 Reviews and Side Effects: Read this NOW!

Vega 100 appears to be the trade name for blue pill. According to the official website, it’s said to be the solution for impotence and erectile dysfunction. Best of all, you can buy Vega100 online without prescription. What a good news for those of us who have privacy concern and are too shy for an in-person doctor’s visit! While the blue pill is proven effective, you probably should stay away from Vega 100. Here’s why:

#1. I did a whois check on the domain vega100.com and found that it’s registered by Hab Pharmaceuticals & Research Ltd in India. From our search, this online retailer doesn’t seem to be properly licensed. Besides, the website has no licensed pharmacist available to answer questions.

#2. It’s illegal to sell prescription drugs without prescription! A reputable online drug retailer can’t sell you any prescription medicine without valid prescription from your doctor or qualified health care professional.

#3. The retailer is located in India, it’s unclear if Vega 100 has been checked for safety and effectiveness.

And here’s a side by side comparison between Vega 100 with our top pick, Vigrx Plus:


Other concerns of buying drugs online
– Retailers may send you medicines with unknown quality of origin and counterfeit drugs. These drugs can be harmful to your health.
– Some websites do not protect your personal information, such as your credit card number and address.
– Some medicines sold online are not properly labeled, stored and packaged.

Side effects of Vega 100: according to wikipedia, the side effects of blue pill are headache, flushing, nasal congestion and impaired vision.

In short, if Vega 100 is genuine version of blue pill, then yes, it may work for you. However, there are simply too many red flags. Therefore, at this time we cannot recommend Vega 100!

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