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Vigrx Plus Reviews: Read this first!

Disclaimer:this review is my personal experience and analysis of Vigrx Plus. You will learn why it’s highly recommended. You will also find out the why it’s not meant for everyone. This product is not meant to cure or treat any disease.

As people always said, there’s a sucker born every minute. Well, I was THAT sucker. I was what you called the “one minute man” with performance anxiety. Specifically, I blew my load off before the lady could tell we were having sex! Still the last thing I wanted to do is to discuss this with another man (my doctor). In quest to become a better lover, I spent lots of time and money on various male enhancement options: penis pills, creams, brutal hanging exercises, horrific-looking devices. Most are garbage, and some result in unpleasant side effects (like headache and increased heart rate).

When I first come across Vigrx Plus, I was of course skeptical as I have been burned so many times. However a good friend of mine swears by it. He has been taking Vigrx Plus supplement for a while and it helps to improve his sex life tremendously. His purchase comes with membership to a exercise program, so he exercise his penis as instructed. Apparently you can increase your size by stressing the penile muscle. My friend did observe noticeable growth within just few weeks. Here’s another feedback I found from the web (unsolicited testimonial sent to the company):


2 inches longer.. hmm..

Also I came to know that it’s endorsed by doctors (more about this later) and backed by clinical studies. I decided to take advantage of their 60-day money back guarantee and give the product a try. I figure I could give Vigrx Plus a try for 60 days and return for refund if it doesn’t work.

So Vigrx Plus claimed the following:

Harder, longer erection;
Noticeable increase in sexual desire;
Better control over erections;
More frequence and intense orgasms;

My experience with Vigrx Plus: I placed an order of 6 months supply of Vigrx Plus and received the products in discreet packaging in few days later. I also received the following bonuses: semenax pills, Nexus Pheromones cologne, exercise CD, and website subscription to a membership website. I took the pills as instructed and did not notice any change in the first week. I understand that Vigrx Plus is not fast acting supplement so it will take time to observe effects, if any.

After a little longer than one week, I started feeling it. Went to bed with my girlfriend and was able to last longer than usual. We both are satisfied. It lasted as long as I needed to keep her completely satisfied. Though I still need to be directly stimulated, but I can feel that the private part is more engorged.

In the next one month, I continue to take the pills as instructed. I also exercise the penis following the instruction on the membership website. I figure I want to give my best to enhance the results, so I try to eat sensible diet and exercise regularly. As time goes by, my performance just seems to get better. I gain better control in bed. I was able to have better orgasms, and last longer in bed. I started to believe this product actually works as it claimed!

To my surprise, after few months of taking Vigrx Plus, I observe noticeable growth on erection size. I think it’s because I actually spent the time exercising my manhood (following the instructions bonus CD and membership website). Perhaps penis enlargement is not a hoax after all? For the record, I did not measure my size. However my girlfriend can attest that it feels bigger for her during the deed! Needless to say she is a happy camper.

How does Vigrx Plus work? It’s formulated with over 10 potent natural erection precursors, aphrodisiacs, and libido enhancers that quickl build up in your system to measurebly improve your sexual performance. The ingredients directly target nitric oxide leels, helping to relax the smooth muscle tissue of the Corpus Cavernosa (the 2 long cylindrical tubes in the penis) and its associated blood vessels. This helps to increase blood flow to the penis, thus resulting in harder, thicker and fuller erections.

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Few reasons to consider Vigrx Plus
#1. As mentioned, Vigrx Plus contains potent nutrients that help to improve sexual health. What makes it special is that it contains Bioperine which makes supplements work better. It helps to boost bioavaibility of nutrients and bypass the acidic environment of stomach. That way, the nutrients can be absorbed by the body for it to enjoy the health benefits! Now this is biggie, as the overwhelming majority of supplements have low bioavaibility that your body will only benefit from a tiny fraction of the ingredients.

#2. Vigrx Plus is endorsed by doctors. It’s rare as most doctors are reluctant to associate themselves with herbal remedy due to strong bias towards prescription drugs. However Vigrx Plus seems like an exception, here are a few:

Dr. Michael A. Carter, Psy.D. RCP: “Through my thorough research, I can say conclusively that VigRX Plus™ pills can aid in erection size, offering harder longer lasting erections, and improve sexual stamina.

Dr. Steven Lamm, M.D., author of “The Hardness Factor”:

#3. Vigrx Plus is backed by clinical study. A clinical study was performed by Vedic Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd.

It was a triple-blind study, which means nobody involved in evaluating the results (doctors, researchers, etc.) knew whether participants were taking VigRX Plus™ or the placebo.

In 84 days, participants observed
62.82% INCREASE in ability to maintain erection
58.97% INCREASE in ability to penetrate partner
22.49% INCREASE in frequency & quality of orgasms
71.43% INCREASE in sexual & intercourse satisfaction
47.00% INCREASE in sex drive and desire
61.00% INCREASE in overall sexual satisfaction (Source)

Just how often you see a male supplement that is actually backed by clinical studies?

#4.Vigrx Plus has been in the industry for 8 years with solid track record. Its effectiveness and efficacy is time tested. No unpleasant long term side effects are reported. Over time, it has helped to transform sex lives of thousands men worldwide. Here’s a handwritten testimonial:


#5.The company behind Vigrx Plus is a legitimate company with real address with a DEDICATED team of customer service representatives located in the United States who are available during our extended business hours (6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Mon-Fri) to answer any questions customer may have.

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What about the side effects of Vigrx Plus? Vigrx Plus contains Ginseng, which could result in sleeplessness in some people, though it only happens to few people. So it’s advisible to avoid taking Vigrx Plus right before you go to sleep.

So what about the disadvantages? I am not going to lie and say Vigrx Plus is the next best thing since slice bread. The thing is: it’s not cheap. 1 month supply of Vigrx Plus cost $76, if you order in large quantity (one year supply), it cost $40.75 per month. I don’t know how you see it, but I figure your sexual well being is worth much more than this.

Additionally, as mentioned above it’s unlikely to cure impotence and erectile dysfunction. Vigrx Plus is designed for healthy men to improve their sexual health. Also, if you suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes, please consult your doctor about potential herb-drugs interactions.

What’s the guarantee? You can try the product for 60 days (two bottles). If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied, simply return the two empty containers within 67 days from the time of delivery for a full refund excluding shipping charges.

Where can I buy Vigrx Plus: Vigrx Plus is only available from the official website. Make sure you order from official website to avoid buying counterfeit products! Click here to go to the official website

If you have question, feel free to leave a comment below. I will get back to you as soon as I can!


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