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Virmax DS for Men: Reviews and Side Effects

Virmax DS for men, according to its advertising claims, is a promising male enhancement product.Specifically, Virmax Ds is “desgiend for men of all ages and works with the body naturally to enhance performance and function.” Additionally, it claimed to “improve function and feelings”. When I first come across Virmax Ds, I was a little surprised. Unlike other competing products, this one does not promise you the moon or stars. The claims sound convincing. So the question is: does Virmax Ds works? Should you buy it? Read on this review to find out more.

Before we go on, let’s take a look on side-by-side comparison between our top pick, Vigrx Plus vs Virmax DS


So what’s in Virmax DS?
On the left you can see the label of Virmax DS. The ingredients include L-arginine, L Glutamic, L Lysine, Ginkgo Biloba, Saw Palmetto Berry Powder, Angelica Pubesens Root, and Cindium Monniera Seed. The list looks impressive, and many of these ingredients may be beneficial to sexual well being.

The problem is, the ingredient list is labeled as “proprietary blend”. We don’t know if this product contain effective dosage of each ingredient. I understand that the manufacturers need to hide this information to avoid knock-off. Still, Virmax Ds has not been proven in clinical studies. It’s hard to access the product’s long term side effects, efficacy and effectiveness.

Note that one of the key ingredient of Virmax Ds is L-arginine. You will find this in many penis pills. Arginine is said to be a precursor of nitric oxide in the human body. It’s believed that nitric oxide allow blood vessels to dilate and increase blood flow throughout the body, thus resulting in increased erection size. The thing is: oral arginine supplementation does NOT affect blood flow! That’s right: arginine supplementation CAN NOT enhance your erection.

Virmax DS side effects: from what I gathered from other consumer websites, the biggest complaint of Virmax Ds is lack of effectviness. Few users have reported headache.

Also, supplementation of the key ingredient, L-arginine may result in following side effects: nausea, sore muscles, numbness and the swelling of hands and feet.

Bottom line: In short, Virmax DS might be worth an experiment. The price is quite affordable, though the information on safety and effectiveness remain unknown. Regardless, Virmax Ds is not a magic pill so don’t expect overnight miracle.


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