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Vydox Plus Reviews: Analysis of the Purples Pills

The new version of Vydox is called “Vydox Plus”, or also known as the “Purple pill”. I know I’ve said it before: but Vydox probably doesn’t work. So, what about its new version? Let’s check it out!

What’s inside Vydox Plus
The ingredients of Vydox Plus include: L-arginine, Ginkgo Biloba, Horny Goat Weed, Saw Palmetto, Korean Ginseng, and Muira Puama. The maker eliminates Yohimbe from this new formula, which is a good thing, as this herb has been linked to severe side effects. According to the official website, Vydox Plus said to be a powerful L-arginine supplement and the dosage amount is “more than doubled when compared to other male enhancement supplements on the market.

What’s more…

“Over 100 clinical studies completed on L-arginine, we are sure you will get the results you have been looking for!”

The thing is: there’s no clinical evidence to validate the effectiveness and safety of Vydox Plus. I can’t find any published clinical studies performed on this product. Vydox Plus marketed as dietary supplement, which is not required to go through testing before marketing. My guess is the maker and manufacturer behind Vydox Plus does not bother testing their products!

Besides, though the ingredients are revealed, the exact amount is not known. You wouldn’t know if Vydox Plus contain effective dose to elicit any effect.

Sure.. there are numerous studies completed on L-arginine, but the results are mixed, and not all studies have been positive. L-arginine is commonly available in male enhancement products and muscle-building pills because it’s said to be responsible for reproduction of nitric oxide, thus enhancing blood flow. Unfortunately, this effect appears to be unreliable in otherwise healthy adults (source:examine.com). What’s more, most people are likely to have enough L-arginine in their bodies already. They probably do not need supplements at all!

The bottom line?
As mentioned earlier in my post on Vydox reviews, the maker is not the most reputable company. Until I can see the evidence that Vydox plus works as advertised, I’d say give this product a pass.


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