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Xantho 5x Reviews and Side Effects Exposed!

Xantho 5x is a relatively new penis enlargement product. According to its official website, it is ..

“the new breakthrough male augmentation formula. Rated #1 by scientific community!”

And that’s not all, the maker of Xantho 5x also makes this promise:

“After taking Xantho 5x, the size of your penis is the biggest it’s ever going to be.”

That’s right! All you need to do is simply take two capsules of Xantho 5x everyday.

Well, I don’t want to rain on your parade, but no magic pill or drugs can supersize you. Xantho 5x may contain useful ingredients, but it will not increase the size of your penis. If a real penis enlargement remedy were discovered, it would be widely reported through media and prescribed by health professionals.

In addition, you will want to consider these problems

#1. There’s no clinical evidence to back up the wild claims behind Xantho 5x.

#2. Other penis enlargement pills have become the subject to a class action lawsuit for false advertising. As mentioned, these pills don’t work!

#3. The security seals on the official website are invalid. We do not know if the website is really secured as they want us to believe.

#4. The background of the maker is not known. The company is said to be Size Bionics Research, LLC but there’s very little information about the company. As well, the whois record for domain name is kept private. What can I say, no real company keeps private whois!

#5. I tried to find out more about Xantho 5x’s “rapid expansion technology” from the official website. However, the article is the blatant copy of product description of USP Labs’ Compound 20 (a muscle building product)! And no, Xantho 5x is not a product of USP Labs.

You can see the screenshot of the article here from Xantho 5x:



As compared to product description of USP Labs Compound 20 here: (source: Mass Nutrition)


#6. Xantho 5x is said to contain DHEA. I urge you to be cautious with DHEA as long term safety of its use is largely unknown. Besides, high doses may cause aggressiveness, irritability, trouble sleeping, growth of body or facial hair in women. (reference: Wikipedia)

Another featured ingredient is Yohimbe. It’s often associated with side effects like increased body temperature, sweating, increased heart rate, nausea and upset stomach.

So.. the bottom line is: stay away from this one. Xantho 5x is not recommended!

Recommended: If you are looking for a proven product to actually improve your sexual performance and erection quality, you should check out Vigrx Plus. It doesn’t contain questionable ingredient like Yohimbe and DHEA. As well,  Vigrx Plus  the doctor-endorsed male enhancement product backed by clinical studies, see details here.

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