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Xrect Reviews and Side Effects : Scam or Miracle?

So… Xrect is said to be “#1 rated natural male enhancement formula”. However, who rated it, and if such a rating is credible, is not known.

As well, Xrect is claimed to be the miracle pills that result in “harder reaction”. Best of all, it is the fast acting supplement that “works in minutes, lasts for days”. Wow… how is that possible, really? Who in their right mind want to stay rock-hard for days? Not unless you want to be a flaccid penis model.. !

What’s inside Xrect? According to the claims, Xrect is made of 360 mg of proprietary blend. The ingredients include: Gingko Biloba, Korean Red Ginseng, Tongkat Ali, Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract, and Horny Goat Weed. These ingredients are commonly found in most male enhancement supplements. And, the formula is quite similar to another product called Zrect. The problem is: the manufacturer of Xrect does not tell you the exact dosage of each ingredient. There’s no way for you to know if this product contains therapeutic dosage. Xrect is said to be “lab tested” but there’s no evidence to back up the claims!

Warning: be extremely cautious when you approach new male enhancement supplements. Supplements are not required to undergo vigorous testing before marketing. The manufacturers and distributors are responsible for evaluating safety and labeling of their products. The thing is, there’s no guarantee that supplements work as advertised, or they are safe to use. In the past, many male enhancement pills are found to contain undeclared drug ingredients. These hidden ingredients can harm you!

Reported side effect: Some reviewers experienced headache after taking Xrect.

Who made Xrect? There’s very little information about the maker behind Xrect. The company portfolio and address can’t be found. I find it to be somewhat suspicious..

The bottom line: Don’t invest your money in Xrect. There’s better option elsewhere, really.  I recommend this great product, a clinically proven and doctor-endorsed product which has dramatically increased the happiness of countless men in the past decade.

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