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Xtest Testosterone Pills Reviews: Scam or Holy Grail?

If you are a man of certain age, you have probably notice myriad of ads for testosterone boosters, hinting that certain magic pills could transform your testosterone, rev up sex life, aid muscle growth and fat loss. Oh yes, no extra effort required.

The latest one to hit the spotlight is a testosterone pill called Xtest. It’s said to be “ranked #1 in category”.

Here’s the thing: I recommend you to stay away from this product. Here’s what to do instead, a list of proven methods to grow some male hormone:

[drum rolls please]

“Hunt mammoths, eat them raw, capture women from neighboring caves, fight off sexual rivals, devour their testicle”

Oh, and wood chopping too.

Just kidding! :=)

I don’t actually have any “secret” to share with you. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find any shortcut to boost your T level significantly. Xtest pills is certainly not the answer either.


Why? Because of the following problems:

#1. The proof is lacking: I tried to find clinical research conducted on Xtest to no avail. The retailers of Xtest don’t reveal studies to back up the claims they make, and when I search the National Library of Medicine ( Pubmed.gov) & U.S. National Institute of Health ( Clinicaltrials.gov) for the product name, nothing comes up. It’s clear that Xtest has not been tested for safety, effectiveness, and efficacy.

Note that Xtest is marketed as dietary supplements. According to the Dietary Health and Education Act (DSHEA), Dietary supplements are to be regulated as a class of foods, not medicine. The manufacturers are responsible for safety and efficacy of the supplements. They are, however, required to include a disclaimer that their claims haven’t been evaluated by the FDA (just like what you can see at the bottom of Xtest sales page).

Bottom line: dietary supplements aren’t evaluated by the authority before they are sold.

#2. Where is the label? The ingredients profile of Xtest formula is not disclosed by the manufacturer. There’s no way to tell if it contains beneficial ingredients! You can’t tell if there’s any potential drug interaction either.

Ideally, the pills should contain correct ingredients in the effective dose, and be free of fillers, binders, contaminants, and heavy meats.

Side note: as mentioned above, dietary supplements are loosely regulated. It’s reported that few major retailers were selling supplements that contain very little, or none at all, of the advertised ingredients. What’s more, a growing number of products marketed as dietary supplements are tainted [Source: FDA].

So…. you should take what you see in the advertising with a grain of salt, all the time! Even if the products are endorsed by famous people.

#3. Testosterone booster isn’t all it’s cracked up to be: Xtest pills is touted to be testosterone booster. The truth is, the vast majority of the testosterone boosters do very little to raise your testosterone level. Even the best boosters can only cause small fluctuations in testosterone level momentarily. So small, that you never would notice the difference.

Besides, the research says testoserone supplements may hurt male fertility.

#4. Questionable order page: Xtest pills is promoted via the free-trial program that supposedly would only charge you $4.95 for shipping and handling for a free bottle with 60 capsules. But scroll down to the bottom of the page, there’s a link to the “terms and conditions” that states:

“Approximately 45 days from your original purchase date and every 30 days thereafter you will be sent another bottle of your purchased product and your credit card or debit card on file will be billed for $89.99”

So.. the important information is hidden away in the terms and conditions. There’s no sign-up box on the order page. Not very ethical don’t you think?

And, the terms are so strict that it’s next to impossible to cancel the orders and obtain refund!

#5. The reputation of the company is far from stellar: Xtest pills are available only on the internet by an unknown company. The maker behind does not post any company data.

From the buried terms and conditions as mentioned above, I got to know that their phone number is 844-845-8061, and the address (for product return) is: P.O. Box 61553, Savannah, GA 31419.

The phone number is associated with Alpha Fuel, Alpha Cut, Max Test, Max Test Extreme etc. These products received quite a number of complaints due to fraudulent charges and deceiving advertising.

So what’s the bottom line?

Just to be clear, I am NOT saying that Xtest is an adulterated supplement. Nobody knows until more information of the product is available. I just could find no proof that this supposed muscle-building pill really works, or if it’s even safe to use.

Additionally, there are too many red flags to ignore.

So, if you are tempted to buy Xtest, check with your doctor or other health care professional first!

Have you used Xtest? Tell us what you think!

Things to consider
Testosterone does not equal sex drive (or libido, for that matter). Low testosterone is just one of the many causes of low libido/decline in sex drive. According to a study conducted in Massachusetts, only about 28% of men with low T had low libido. In fact, many men who take testosterone don’t experience huge improvement during sexytimes!

If your testosterone level is normal, improving it won’t help wit your erectile issues either, according to Dr. Daniel Williams, M.D., an associate professor in the department of urology at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. [source: Menshealth.com ]

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Ways to raise your testosterone level according to science
You should know by now that there’s no magic pill. If you suspect you suffer from low testosterone, get your blood tested. Find out if you have underlying condition causing low T, and speak to doctors about your options.

But, before you go down that road, there are ways you can try to boost testosterone levels naturally:

#1. Get plenty of sleep, ideally 7-8 hours. As evidenced by a study conducted by the University of Chicago, men who averaged 5 hours of sleep observed decline in testosterone level by 10-15%.

2min#2. Make sure you are getting enough zinc, especially if you train. You can lose zinc through sweating!

Eat high zinc containing foods, e.g. oyster, beans, nuts, spinach, and avocado.

#3. High-Intensity Internal Training (HIIT): instead of doing boring long cardio, you will want to opt for HIIT instead. Studies [this & this] show that HIIT group observe high increase of testosterone level compared to steady state group.

What’s more, HIIT is better for muscle-building and fat-burning.

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